Temporary relocation of Eva’s emergency shelter and Satellite harm reduction program

We have made the decision to relocate two of our sites to a new location downtown. Our COVID-19 Hotel and Satellite programs will be moving to a new location at 92 Peter Street.   The staff and residents of Eva’s temporary COVID-19 Hotel program relocated on Monday, November 29. Eva’s emergency shelter and harm reduction program at Satellite is temporarily relocating effective December 6, 2021.  We're very excited to be co-located with other youth-serving agencies at the new hotel site. The youth we serve will continue to receive harm reduction and other wraparound supports in [...]

Temporary relocation of Eva’s emergency shelter and Satellite harm reduction program2021-12-06T11:42:19-05:00

Announcement of Eva’s new Executive Director, Board Chair and Vice Chair

As we enter a new fiscal year at Eva’s, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce an important milestone at Eva’s Initiatives: an organizational leadership update. Today we are pleased to announce our decision to appoint Louise Smith as Eva's Executive Director, Aisha Francis as Chair of the Eva’s Board and Jessica Hardy-Henry as Vice Chair.  The Executive Director Appointment  Louise joined Eva’s in 2019. She comes to the organization with 20 years of experience working with youth in the non-profit sector, having spent [...]

Announcement of Eva’s new Executive Director, Board Chair and Vice Chair2021-10-06T16:51:54-04:00

Prioritizing Black Mental Health

Written by Audrey Taylor, Clinical Lead, Family Reconnect History tells us of our past and provides important lessons for our future. While the knowledge of and the study of the past is important, as it is the story of who we are, where we come from, and can potentially reveal where we are heading. Having good mental health is essential for all of us in understanding ourselves and world around us. Good mental health is as essential as the [...]

Prioritizing Black Mental Health2021-11-05T14:36:49-04:00

Mapping Black Futures

Mapping Black Futures is an interactive resource and story-mapping project, embedded in local Black geographies, and created for and by self-identified Black nonbinary youth and young women from across the GTA. Through this project, participants have built and curated a living community archive of places, events, and memories that are meaningful to them and their communities. Using open source mapping software and composed of a mixture of archival and original materials, Mapping Black Futures is a unique experiment in [...]

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Meet Rex, a past resident of Eva’s

A past resident shares how Eva's changed his life. Young people at Eva’s need allies just like you to help end youth homelessness. Monetary donations ensure that Eva’s can continue to provide essential services and supports for youth experiencing homelessness.  Join the movement for brighter youth futures. Donate Now

Meet Rex, a past resident of Eva’s2021-02-09T22:49:52-05:00