Through our Harm Reduction Program, we provide youth with a nonjudgmental environment where our first priority is to build trusting relationships, ensuring they know that we accept them for who they are and are not defined by their substance use. Our harm reduction team offers group and individual counselling, education on safer drug use strategies and access to safe drug supplies. Along with case management services, the Harm Reduction Program offers a variety of workshops and groups, such as healthy sexuality, art therapy, stress management, life skills and recreation.

SPOT Program

The Satellite Peer Outreach Training (SPOT) Program is a peer-to-peer education program. It values and honours the lived experiences of youth with substance use backgrounds. Youth hired on as peer workers provide options, information and education to other youth, who may or may not be using substances. Trained peers offer relevant and accurate information on topics such as safer drug use strategies, and reducing the risks of contracting sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. Peers can offer suggestions on increasing healthier lifestyle choices. Peers fight the stigma faced by people who use drugs, are homeless, and/or live with blood-borne infections or STIs.

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