At Eva’s, a legacy of compassion and perseverance thrives, rooted in the vision of Eva Smith, a Jamaican immigrant and fearless Black community activist. Today, we proudly continue this legacy, boldly embracing our heritage as we step into a new era. 

Our new video, “Our Mission,” showcases our commitment to building a future where every young person can flourish without limits. We believe in each young person’s boundless potential and strive to create opportunities for them to thrive, uninhibited and unstoppable. 

Our mission is clear: to dismantle the barriers of anti-Black racism, poverty, and homelessness while supporting all youth who seek our help, with a focus on the unique needs of Black youth. Every day, we are on the front lines, empowering young leaders and fostering a sense of community that drives meaningful change. 

As we launch this video and celebrate our new strategic plan, we reaffirm our dedication to our Black legacy and the communities we serve. Despite past challenges and disconnections, we are recommitting ourselves to our roots and responsibilities within diverse Black communities across Toronto. 

We are embracing our identity and standing in solidarity with our friends, family, and allies. Together, united in purpose, we will continue to shape a legacy of positive impact and change in the lives of young people across our community.