Youth experiencing homelessness …

...are resilient and driven. The most common characteristics of youth experiencing homelessness is a determination to overcome the circumstances that lead to their homelessness and a desire to improve their lives and learn the skills they need to be housed and employed. … face unique barriers. Homeless Canadians share common concerns such as a lack of access to affordable housing. But homeless youth face their own unique barriers. For example, for many reasons, homeless youth typically have not gained [...]

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COVID-19 Update

How is Eva’s managing COVID-19? As we navigate the second wave of COVID-19, our organization continues to adapt our programs and supports in order to reduce the risk of transmission within our shelters, and continuing to wrap around our young people. Our teams have worked to create new and innovative ways to support youth as they work through this challenging time. We have adapted our programs to be able to support young people as they physically distance within our shelters.We've [...]

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