Youth experiencing homelessness …

...are resilient and driven. The most common characteristics of youth experiencing homelessness is a determination to overcome the circumstances that lead to their homelessness and a desire to improve their lives and learn the skills they need to be housed and employed. … face unique barriers. Homeless Canadians share common concerns such as a lack of access to affordable housing. But homeless youth face their own unique barriers. For example, for many reasons, homeless youth typically have not gained [...]

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COVID-19 Update

How is Eva’s managing COVID-19? As an organization we have taken immediate steps to reduce the risk of transmission within our shelters: We have increased the frequency of our cleaning schedules. We are working to ensure staff and young people increase their hand washing and hand sanitizer use. We have posted notices on the doors of our facilities to remind youth to self-identify if they are feeling unwell or have travelled. We have identified isolation areas within each of our [...]

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