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You might be surprised about how Eva’s impacts the lives of youth experiencing homelessness. We focus on meeting young people’s immediate needs at the same time that we provide skills, training, and support to help them build brighter futures. Our approach? Help youth get the shelter they need today and the tools they need to be free from homelessness forever.

Family Reconnect

Our award-winning Family Reconnect Program offers family and individual counselling to at-risk and homeless youth and their families, to help prevent youth from entering the shelter system.

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Harm Reduction

Our Harm Reduction Program offers group and individual counselling, education on safer drug use strategies, and a variety of informative workshops to youth who are living with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Training & Employment

Our Training & Employment Program provides homeless and at-risk youth with skills-based, experiential training that can help them identify career goals and gain entry-level employment.

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Print Shop

When you print with Eva’s Print Shop, you help prepare youth experiencing homelessness for employment in the graphics and print sector.

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Life Skills

From house cleaning, cooking, laundry, home maintenance and financial literacy to conflict resolution, self-esteem and emotional control, these skills will help ensure that our youth are able to maintain stable housing when they leave our shelters.

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Youth Stories

Every day, Eva’s provides shelter and unique services to Toronto’s homeless youth. Want to see what a fresh start looks like? Explore the inspirational stories of our graduates.

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