Jaden’s Fundraiser: Youth helping youth

There are lots of ways for high school students to achieve their required community service hours. Grade 10 students Jaden DaSilva and Beketa Million made theirs count by co-organizing a neighbourhood event that raised $1,800 for Eva’s last summer. It all started when Pamela Osorio-Kettle received a call from Eva’s fundraising team during the height of the pandemic. “They talked about the impact of COVID-19 on youth and the services that Eva’s provides. That conversation really stuck with me. [...]

Jaden’s Fundraiser: Youth helping youth2022-07-27T10:21:11-04:00

Family legacy continues through supporting youth in need

He may not be a household name, but EW Bickle’s legacy looms large in Toronto. As a successful financial professional in the 1950s, he created a charitable foundation in his own name to help elevate the lives of Torontonians who didn’t share his good fortune. He also helped co-found the United Way and served as Chair of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute where, today, the EW Bickle Centre for Complex Continuing Care treats people of all ages who live with [...]

Family legacy continues through supporting youth in need2022-11-30T14:48:55-05:00

The Eva’s Print Shop: Fuelling work opportunities for youth

Eva’s Print Shop is a full-service digital printer and social enterprise that opens doors for youth experiencing homelessness. The Print Shop’s goals are to be a self-sustainable business providing a paid employment training course and employment opportunities for youth. The program also strives to foster a community of support through connections with businesses, schools, and other local organizations that use the Print Shop for services or to employ program graduates. “You can only build experience if you are given [...]

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Harm reduction: Helping youth rise from trauma

Systemic barriers are prevalent for youth experiencing homelessness. They experience disparities from access to quality resources, mental health supports, education, good jobs, and healthy living conditions. And for youth who are Black, Indigenous, racialized and/or 2SLGBTQ+, they also face more violence, police brutality, flawed justice systems, and micro and macro aggressions. Eva’s Harm Reduction program recognizes the resulting trauma from these barriers. Our staff’s main goal is to work with young people to make decisions with their best interests [...]

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Supporting the intersecting identities of youth through housing

Every night, more than 6,000 young people experience homelessness across Canada. For the youth we serve, leaving home is not an impulsive decision. “There is an idea out there that youth can just go back home, but a lot of youth are leaving unsafe conditions,” says David Channer, Program Manager for YOUth Belong Scattered Sites. More than half of homeless youth report that violence in the home has contributed to their homelessness. And 58 per cent of homeless youth [...]

Supporting the intersecting identities of youth through housing2022-04-27T11:58:37-04:00

Emergency-based shelter programs: Helping youth find their own path out of homelessness

For youth experiencing homelessness, the journey from chaos and crisis to stability often starts at one of Eva’s emergency shelter sites. At both Eva’s Place and Eva’s Satellite Hotel, youth receive immediate programming support day and night from our expert staff. “The shelter is not the final destination for young people,” reflects Sophia Smith, Youth Support Worker. “It’s just where they’re at now.” Our emergency-based shelter programs offer a safe and reliable environment for youth in need. We meet [...]

Emergency-based shelter programs: Helping youth find their own path out of homelessness2022-04-27T11:53:33-04:00

Employment and training help pave the path to self-sufficiency

Eva’s Employment and Training program provides youth with the skills and support to gain training, experience, and a stable income. The goal of the program is to enable young people to actualize their potential and lead fulfilling, self-sufficient lives.The Employment and Training program follows a strengths-focused, skills-based strategy. “Knowledge is power; the more knowledge youth get, the more confident they become,” explains Donna Lee Marshall, Employment Advisor and Facilitator in Eva’s Youth Succeeding in Employment Program (YSEP).The program is youth-centred [...]

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Eva’s a key part of Cadillac Fairview’s philanthropic strategy

Cadillac Fairview cares about the communities it serves. In fact, that’s one of the defining characteristics of the commercial real estate company, says their Director of Brand, Patricia Ing. “Our purpose, ‘transforming communities for a vibrant tomorrow’, has been a guiding light for us for many years. We believe that human connection is at the core of individual and societal health and well-being, and we take pride in supporting organizations that share similar values and beliefs.” For more than [...]

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A message from Eva Smith’s family

Team, 2021 was a challenge nobody could have predicted, but it was a position to have action taken upon it. Throughout the pandemic, the mission and goal continue to remain crystal clear in being the change we wish to see. In support of the Greater Toronto Area, Eva’s continues to be a leader in what it means to truly give at-risk youth a chance to be great once again. In doing so, please see the following as an in-depth [...]

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A message from our Executive Director

To our staff, volunteers, donors, and community of supporters: Our 2020-21 fiscal year was a challenging one, but it was also a time of positive momentum for our organization. I had the pleasure of leading Eva’s this past year as the interim Executive Director, and formally assumed the role of Executive Director in September 2021. This year, we prioritized meeting the heightened needs of young people experiencing homelessness while keeping our staff safe. We also continued to move forward [...]

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A message from our Board Co-chairs

To our community of supporters: As the pandemic continued into 2021, we saw Eva’s staff continue to rise up and support young people when they needed it most. At the Board level, we continued focusing on our equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) goals and led the appointment of Eva’s Executive Director. Equity at the Board level In June 2019, we began to diversify the Board of Directors gradually and intentionally, with the recruitment of new Board members. These recruitment [...]

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Family Reconnect: Building bridges out of homelessness

Eva’s Family Reconnect program helps prevent the cycle of youth homelessness. By building bridges to reconnect youth to themselves, their families (immediate or chosen), and their communities, our program helps young people re-establish, keep, and expand healthy and supportive relationships. Family Reconnect offers a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach, recognizing the trauma young people have experienced and how it impacts their behaviour and actions. Through coping mechanisms, family counselling, community connections, and skill-based training, we help youth decide how they [...]

Family Reconnect: Building bridges out of homelessness2022-04-27T11:29:11-04:00