Why Fundraise for Eva’s

By supporting Eva’s, you’re helping to feed the growing minds and bodies of youth experiencing homelessness in our community. Funds raised help us meet the most urgent needs of the youth we serve, including access to nutritious meals, medical and mental health services, life skills programs, and housing supports.

To learn more about the impact your fundraising efforts will have, read our Annual Impact Report.

Your support will make a life-changing impact for young people in our community. With your help, we can continue providing them with life-changing programs and services as they work on building brighter futures.

How you can help

Partnering with Eva’s shows your community, employees, and clients that your organization or group is working to make a lasting difference for young people experiencing homelessness.

Community and individual fundraising

Turn your own passion into impact for youth by organizing a fundraising event for your community. From golf tournaments and wine tastings to bake sales and bowling nights, almost any fun activity can be transformed into a fundraiser.

Corporate fundraising

Getting your team involved in supporting Eva’s drives employee engagement, satisfaction, and culture while helping youth move from chaos to stability.

Some ideas include:

  • Setting up an employee fundraising or donation match program
  • Holding collection drives for everyday necessities
  • Giving employees paid time off to volunteer with Eva’s

Thank you for your interest in planning an event to benefit Eva’s!

When should I hold my event?

It is completely up to you and the type of event you want to hold – what works for your guests? Some things to consider:

  • Will there be other events/holidays happening in your network or community that might compete?
  • Consider your guests. If it’s a group of professionals, after work during the week might be best. Weekends in the summer or near holidays are always a challenge in terms of attendance.
  • It is best to let people know about your event approximately 6 weeks in advance.
Who should I invite?

Think about your friends, family, colleagues or people you’re connected to through other social networks.

On average, you can expect about 25%-50% of your invitees to attend. So, if you would like 10 guests, we recommend inviting 25 – 30 people. Keep in mind some people may just not be available, and situations always arise on event day that change people’s plans.

I am planning on having a raffle or lottery at my event. Do I need a license?

Gaming and lotteries including bingos, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles or games of chance often have special considerations that require permits. Please visit http://www.agco.on.ca for more information.

Legally, all raffles must be registered with your local municipality. There is a processing time of approximately 8-10 weeks to receive a raffle license and your prize cannot change afterwards. Eva’s will not apply for a raffle license on your behalf.

We recommend that instead, you hold a Promotional Draw. You can run a draw without acquiring a license, but you must offer the tickets for free, asking instead for a donation for the ticket.

Can Eva’s issue tax receipts for my event?

Eva’s is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). It is very important that you understand the rules about tax receipts before you plan your event.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue tax receipts for the costs associated with your event. We will issue tax receipts for all financial donations of $20 or greater, if applicable and approved in advance by the Foundation.

Should I issue tax receipts for my event?

Do you believe that receiving a tax receipt is crucial to the success of your event?

If the answer is NO, you will be saving yourself and the Foundation many hours of work by deciding not to issue tax receipts. We would be happy to offer you a thank you letter for any gifts received.

If the answer is YES, this must be approved by the Foundation at least 30 days in advance of your event.

Can Eva’s help promote my event?

Unfortunately, we cannot send your event information out to our donors and supporters but we encourage you to create a Facebook event and link to our Facebook page. We are happy to share information about your event on social media.

Can Eva’s connect me with sponsors?

Unfortunately we cannot connect you to our sponsors or corporate partners. Once again, consider your personal network. What is your favourite restaurant? Do you know someone who owns a floral shop or a catering business? Personal requests directly to people you know are most successful.

Why do I need to register to Host an Event?

By registering, we can provide you with the support and materials that you need to hold a successful event – including online donations, sample sponsorship proposals and media releases if needed, and tips and tricks for how to make your event a huge success.

Registering online also allows your friends and family to make donations directly to Eva’s, which means you don’t need to worry about submitting cash and cheques!

What happens after I register online?

An Eva’s staff member will contact you to discuss details of your event and answer any questions you might have.  We’ll also provide materials you can use when talking about the cause, and the donation materials your guests will need to fill out for tracking, tax receipt and recognition purposes.

How do I set up my personal fundraising page?

  1. Select the “Register to host an event” button
  2. Fill out your personal information. This includes contact information and will require you to create a username and password for your account.
  3. Select your fundraising goal. This is how much you hope to raise through your event. Don’t forget to aim high. Your friends and family will want to help you reach your goal.
  4. You can now customize your page by adding photos, videos and personal messages.
  5. Start fundraising! You can now send emails to friends and family asking for their support. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided – please check your junk mail folder if you do not see it. This email will provide you with a link to your personal fundraising page, as well as confirmation of your username.
What do I do if I have additional questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Please make sure to state your question clearly and provide contact details so that an Eva’s staff member can follow up.

When and Where will YOUR event be?

Who will you invite? Knowing who might attend will help determine the size, venue and date of your event.

Set a fundraising goal

Identify your sources of revenue (ticket sales, silent auctions, sponsorships) and estimate your expenses to determine how much you think your event will raise to support Eva’s

Some things you can consider when setting your fundraising goal:
  • What kind of event do you want to host? If it’s dinner and cocktails, you could calculate the average amount each person would spend on that in a restaurant and make that the donation ask amount. If it’s a clothing swap, you could ask everyone to donate their shopping budget for an item they are coveting right now.
  • Consider the number of guests you will invite and determine an average amount that you hope each will give. (What if ten guests gave an average of $50 and five more gave $100 each? Total goal =$1,000). Communicate your goal in your invitation.
  • Be fearless, you are not asking for yourself, but on behalf of Toronto’s homeless youth
Plan Ahead

The more you do in advance, the less stress on event day! Create your critical path, to-do list. But make sure your name is not the only one on the list. Ask friends and family for help!

Confirm Details

A sponsor can be a great way to offset costs – ask local bakeries or groceries stores to donate food; approach local companies to donate products for a silent auction. And if you need volunteers, start recruiting them early!

Spread the Word

Promote your event to family, friends and colleagues. Send out an email asking them to support or buy tickets to your event. And use social media to spread the word!

Collect your donations!

Encourage everyone to donate online before the event. This will help you keep track of the amount you have raised, enable your guests to receive automatic donation receipts and reduce the administrative burden on Eva’s. For those who donate at the event, make sure you collect their full details (name, address, phone, email) so that we can issue a donation receipt, if applicable. We ask that all donation forms and donations are submitted within 15 days of your event.

Thank your guests

Thank everyone involved in planning your event – guests, sponsors, donors, committee and volunteers. Pass along information about how much the event raised and make sure to confirm the date for next year’s event!

Wrap Up

Make sure you email your event photos to Eva’s so that we can feature your event on our blog!

Support youth experiencing homelessness in building brighter futures.

Help feed the growing minds and bodies of youth experiencing homelessness in our community.

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