The Sprott Foundation and Eva’s have been making change together for 20 years.

In many ways, the work that Eva’s does is the embodiment of the impact the Sprott Foundation is committed to making in Canada.

Chief Giving Officer Juliana Sprott posing with healthy foods

Juliana Sprott, chief giving officer at the Sprott Foundation

“We are dedicated to addressing homelessness and hunger in Canada, and we support initiatives that focus on self-sufficiency and dignity for those in need,” said Chief Giving Officer Juliana Sprott.

“Getting stabilized with housing and food is step one. Everything that ripples out is the next part of the journey. Eva’s specializes in offering critical wraparound services, and that makes them an ideal strategic partner.”

Juliana’s parents established The Sprott Foundation in 1988 to help eradicate poverty and hunger and, from day one, have taken a trust-based approach to funding.

“It’s incredibly important to us to put our faith in the organizations we support. We believe that our partners are experts in what they do. With Eva’s in particular, we know they are putting our grants to work in a way that makes the biggest impact,” she said.

The Sprott Foundation recognizes that youth experiencing homelessness are disproportionately represented by Black, Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+, and/or newcomer youth, and is committed to investing in Eva’s as we support these communities.

“The basis of our giving is enhancing dignity and agency while ensuring the basic human rights of healthy food and housing are provided. Eva’s supports youth with programming that acknowledges their unique needs and honours their strengths. This approach leads with respect for each young person’s lived experience,” said Juliana.

“If we can help a young person at a critical time in their lives, the outlook for the rest of their lives can be improved. Eva’s supports young people along their journeys every day and we’re proud to support them.”