Youth Age 16-24: Do You Need a Place To Stay?

  • If you need emergency shelter, please call:  416-338-4766

  • Call Eva’s Satellite if you need emergency shelter with mental health/substance use support: 416-229-1874

If you need transitional housing, you can apply to Eva’s Phoenix:

More Help for Youth

If you are in immediate danger, call emergency (police, ambulance, fire): 911

  • Kids Help Phone (phone and online counseling for children and youth; English and French): 1-800-668-6868
  • Black Youth Helpline  (Multicultural Youth Helpline & Services) Service in French and other languages available upon request. Call 416-285-9944 Toll Free 1-833-294-8650 and via email 
  • 211 Toronto (Niagara Region, South Georgian Bay, Toronto; helps you find community services; in multiple languages): 211
  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (phone line that supports women in violent situations; multiple languages): 1-866-863-0511 | 1-866-863-7868 (TTY) | #SAFE (cell phone)
  • Distress Centre of Toronto (phone line for people in emotional distress/crisis; multiple languages): 416-408-4357 | 416-408-0007 (TTY)
  • Mental Health Helpline (provides information about mental health services in Ontario): 1-866-531-2600
  • Telehealth Ontario (phone service for health advice; multiple languages): 1-866-797-0000 | 1-866-797-0007 (TTY)
  • ACCESS Employment (employment and entrepreneurship, multiple locations) 416-921-1800
  • HireUp (connects youth who have barriers to employment to meaningful work): 416-483-6191 x25
  • Youth Employment Services (helps youth find a job or start a business): 416-504-5516
  • MLSE LaunchPad (recreational activities and sports for youth): 416-637-7588
  • Arrabon House (residential treatment, supportive housing, aftercare support and counseling services to young women 13-24): 416-536-7037
  • Assessment and Referral Centre (shelter services for single adults, youth, and couples): 416-338-4766 | 1-877-338-3398
  • Central Family Intake (shelter services for families with children): 416-397-5637
  • Covenant House Toronto (shelter, transitional housing, and programs for homeless youth): 416-598-4898
  • Dixon Hall (shelter and programs for people experiencing homelessness): 416-863-0499
  • Evangel Hall (residence and programs for people experiencing homelessness): 416-504-3563
  • Eva’s Phoenix (transitional housing for youth 16-24): 416-364-4716
  • Eva’s Place (emergency shelter for youth 16-24): 416-441-1414
  • Eva’s Satellite (emergency shelter for youth 16-24 dealing with substance use and/or mental health): 416-642-2581
  • Horizons for Youth (youth shelter): 416-781-9898
  • Humewood House (residence and programs for single and young parents): 416-651-5657
  • Kennedy House Youth Services (shelter and services for homeless youth): 416-421-7776
  • Massey Centre for Women (transitional housing and programs for pregnant and parenting youth): 416-425-6348
  • Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (transitional housing and programs for Aboriginal communities): 416-969-8510
  • Rosalie Hall (residence and programs for young parents and families): 416-438-6880
  • Sancta Maria House (residence and programs for young women): 416-925-7333
  • Street Helpline (help for people who are homeless to get a safer place to sleep and find long-term housing): 1-866-392-3777
  • St. Stephen’s Community House (drop-ins, programs and services for people experiencing homelessness): 416-925-2103 ext. 2240
  • Turning Point Youth Services (residence and and programs for youth 12-24 and their families): 416-925-9250
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto (emergency shelter, drop-in, and programs for youth): 416-928-9622
  • YMCA Sprott House – Walmer Road Centre (LGBTQ2S transitional housing program for youth): 647-438-8383
  • Yonge Street Mission (drop-ins and programs): 416-929-9614
  • Youth Without Shelter (shelter and referrals for youth): 416-748-0110
  • YWCA Toronto (shelter, housing, and services for women and girls): 416-923-8454

Contacting Eva’s Residents

If you think a young person is staying with us and you would like to get in touch, please be aware that, for safety reasons, Eva’s cannot share information about their whereabouts or confirm or deny their residence. But we can take a message from you and post it on our message board so the young person can get in touch with you if they would like.

To leave a message, please contact the facility you think the young person is staying at directly.

Show young people you believe in them.

You can help young people experiencing homelessness start the journey toward brighter futures.