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Youth Age 16-24: Do You Need a Place To Stay?

  • Call Eva’s Place if you need emergency shelter: 416-441-1414

  • Call Eva’s Satellite if you need emergency shelter with mental health/substance use support: 416-229-1874

If you need transitional housing, you can apply to Eva’s Phoenix:

Download application form (PDF, 66kb)

More Help for Youth

If you are in immediate danger, call emergency (police, ambulance, fire): 911

  • 211 Toronto (Niagara Region, South Georgian Bay, Toronto; helps you find community services; in multiple languages): 211
  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (phone line that supports women in violent situations; multiple languages): 1-866-863-0511 | 1-866-863-7868 (TTY) | #SAFE (cell phone)
  • Distress Centre of Toronto (phone line for people in emotional distress/crisis; multiple languages): 416-408-4357 | 416-408-0007 (TTY)
  • Kids Help Phone (phone and online counseling for children and youth; English and French): 1-800-668-6868
  • Mental Health Helpline (provides information about mental health services in Ontario): 1-866-531-2600
  • Telehealth Ontario (phone service for health advice; multiple languages): 1-866-797-0000 | 1-866-797-0007 (TTY)
  • ACCESS Employment (employment and entrepreneurship, multiple locations) 416-921-1800
  • HireUp (connects youth who have barriers to employment to meaningful work): 416-483-6191 x25
  • Youth Employment Services (helps youth find a job or start a business): 416-504-5516
  • MLSE LaunchPad (recreational activities and sports for youth): 416-637-7588
  • Arrabon House (residential treatment, supportive housing, aftercare support and counseling services to young women 13-24): 416-536-7037
  • Assessment and Referral Centre (shelter services for single adults, youth, and couples): 416-338-4766 | 1-877-338-3398
  • Central Family Intake (shelter services for families with children): 416-397-5637
  • Covenant House Toronto (shelter, transitional housing, and programs for homeless youth): 416-598-4898
  • Dixon Hall (shelter and programs for people experiencing homelessness): 416-863-0499
  • Evangel Hall (residence and programs for people experiencing homelessness): 416-504-3563
  • Eva’s Phoenix (transitional housing for youth 16-24): 416-364-4716
  • Eva’s Place (emergency shelter for youth 16-24): 416-441-1414
  • Eva’s Satellite (emergency shelter for youth 16-24 dealing with substance use and/or mental health): 416-642-2581
  • Horizons for Youth (youth shelter): 416-781-9898
  • Humewood House (residence and programs for single and young parents): 416-651-5657
  • Kennedy House Youth Services (shelter and services for homeless youth): 416-421-7776
  • Massey Centre for Women (transitional housing and programs for pregnant and parenting youth): 416-425-6348
  • Native Child and Family Services of Toronto (transitional housing and programs for Aboriginal communities): 416-969-8510
  • Rosalie Hall (residence and programs for young parents and families): 416-438-6880
  • Sancta Maria House (residence and programs for young women): 416-925-7333
  • Street Helpline (help for people who are homeless to get a safer place to sleep and find long-term housing): 1-866-392-3777
  • St. Stephen’s Community House (drop-ins, programs and services for people experiencing homelessness): 416-925-2103 ext. 2240
  • Turning Point Youth Services (residence and and programs for youth 12-24 and their families): 416-925-9250
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto (emergency shelter, drop-in, and programs for youth): 416-928-9622
  • YMCA Sprott House – Walmer Road Centre (LGBTQ2S transitional housing program for youth): 647-438-8383
  • Yonge Street Mission (drop-ins and programs): 416-929-9614
  • Youth Without Shelter (shelter and referrals for youth): 416-748-0110
  • YWCA Toronto (shelter, housing, and services for women and girls): 416-923-8454


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