A New Day for Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week. Across Canada, 12.7 million volunteers support make an impact in communities everywhere. Here at Eva’s, we extend a big shout out to the people who volunteer their time to help young people build futures free of homelessness. Volunteers have done everything from helping with meal preparation and facility maintenance to supporting fundraising events and organizational planning and governance. We’re thrilled to benefit from the energies of volunteers, but we know there’s so much more they can [...]

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Win a Hand-Crafted Bird House Made by Youth at Eva’s

Eva’s helps youth experiencing homelessness get job skills they need to build bright futures.  Did you know we have a Construction and Building Maintenance Training program to do just that? Students in this 8-week course showed off their newfound carpentry skills by designing and making beautiful wooden birdhouses just for you! We believe an experience of homelessness doesn’t have to bury youth skills and passions forever. Your support enables young people to discover their talents and shine! Enter to [...]

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Compassion Across Borders: Refugees vs. Homeless Youth

“Isn’t Eva’s upset that all these efforts are going to help refugees when there are homeless youth to care about right here?” This is a question that has come to Eva’s a lot lately. Here’s what we think. Refugees Are Homeless Too Refugees are people who are literally “seeking refuge”. They’re fleeing violence and terrible conditions in their home communities, and sometimes, they flee in big numbers. Since the 1700s, Scottish, Polish, Italian, Jewish, Ukrainian, and other people came [...]

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What About Trans Youth Experiencing Homelessness?

For LGBTQ2S youth, family conflict due to coming out or being outed is the most frequently cited reason for becoming homeless. 20 to 40% of youth who are homeless identify as LGBTQ2S+, despite making up 5% to 10% of the general youth population. This means that sexual and gender diverse youth are more at risk of experiencing homelessness. Once homeless, they are also more likely to experience homelessness for longer periods of time and be concerned for their safety [...]

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Tattoos, Music, and Playoff Parties

We are so fortunate to have a creative and compassionate community supporting the youth of Eva’s. We’ve seen some unique and exciting ways of giving back this year and wanted to share them with you! Flash Tattoo Sale In January Ink and Water Tattoo did a flash sale on tattoos where half of the proceeds supported youth at Eva’s. The tattoos for a flash sale are designed by a particular artist and tattooed as they are in the drawing. [...]

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