Cadillac Fairview cares about the communities it serves. In fact, that’s one of the defining characteristics of the commercial real estate company, says their Director of Brand, Patricia Ing.

“Our purpose, ‘transforming communities for a vibrant tomorrow’, has been a guiding light for us for many years. We believe that human connection is at the core of individual and societal health and well-being, and we take pride in supporting organizations that share similar values and beliefs.”

For more than 17 years, Eva’s has been a part of Cadillac Fairview’s ongoing strategy to build up communities. Over the years, they’ve contributed capital gifts and targeted donations, including donations to Eva’s Safe Shelter and Crisis Services and donations through our Hockey Helps the Homeless and Golf Classic events.

In 2021, Eva’s was selected as one of eight charitable partners to be a part of Cadillac Fairview’s new philanthropic commitment to creating positive change for Canadians facing social isolation.

“The feeling of loneliness is a growing concern, often resulting in the lack of meaningful relationships and strong interpersonal connections. It’s a threat to the vibrancy of our communities,” said Patricia.

“We know that youth experiencing homelessness are a group of society that acutely experiences social isolation. In 2021-22, we’re trying to push beyond contributing dollars and learn from our partner organizations about the strengths and needs of our communities. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Eva’s in this capacity.”

When it comes to their goal of combatting social isolation, Patricia says Cadillac Fairview is pleased to partner with Eva’s as a “hyper-local organization” that provides thoughtful, culturally relevant, and sustainable programs for youth experiencing and at risk of homelessness.

“It starts with our team listening and learning from organizations and partners like Eva’s to better understand what social isolation means to their communities, including the nuances and complexities that are not commonly understood,” said Patricia.

Cadillac Fairview hopes to instill a sense of optimism for the future in Canada – an ideal that Eva’s shares as we work with youth to develop personalized action plans that will help them attain their goals and build community connections as they continue in their journey to independence.

“It’s inspirational for us to have opportunities to work together and get that firsthand experience. It helps us see how we’re making a difference,” said Patricia.

Looking to become a corporate partner at Eva’s? Please contact Anastasia Gordon, Corporate Partnerships Manager at [email protected].