2021 was a challenge nobody could have predicted, but it was a position to have action taken upon it. Throughout the pandemic, the mission and goal continue to remain crystal clear in being the change we wish to see.

In support of the Greater Toronto Area, Eva’s continues to be a leader in what it means to truly give at-risk youth a chance to be great once again. In doing so, please see the following as an in-depth message of thanks from the Smith family for your continuous efforts to make a difference in the lives of many.

Answering the call to action is everything we continue to see here at Eva’s. With the unique needs of young people during COVID-19, we continue to set the standard straight in prioritizing the well-being of youth. Fear, mental health, and anxiety among the young people we support has required our action. And we continue to inspire positive change around Toronto and bolster the argument that everyone deserves a second chance.

In the next steps, equity is now the task at hand. With the commitment to diversity and inclusion, our next steps must continue to be holistic along with being the foundation of something special.

Our world continues to be a special place: one where change can and will be moulded into a positive presence. This will be everything we will continue to support.

With open arms,

Marcus Smith (on behalf of the Smith family)