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Relocation of Eva’s Satellite Hotel program

As of late August, the young people staying at our temporary hotel and Satellite program have been relocated from 60 York Street to 4584 Kingston Road until the summer/fall of 2024. Eva’s Satellite Hotel program will provide emergency and longer-term housing for up to 46 youth at the new Kingston Road location.  While the temporary hotel program was originally put in place as an emergency response to the pandemic, the program will now house the Eva’s Satellite program while [...]

Relocation of Eva’s Satellite Hotel program2023-08-29T15:02:09-04:00

Harm reduction key to keeping youth safe

As the opioid crisis continues to escalate, harm reduction has become one of the most vital services at Eva’s. Celestina, a harm reduction worker at Eva's Celestina, a harm reduction worker at Eva’s, tailors her approach from harm reduction to addiction counselling, depending on the youth’s goals. These goals can vary from employing strategies to reduce risks while continuing substance use to pursuing complete abstinence, should the youth choose to do so. In addition to dispensing sterile [...]

Harm reduction key to keeping youth safe2023-08-24T17:53:51-04:00

Recreation key to youth recovery

Watching a movie with friends. Playing Connect 4. Taking a watercolour class. Strolling through a museum. Thulasi, recreation coordinator at Eva’s Satellite, says finding connection and purpose comes in many forms—and they’re equally important. “Most of the youth we help at Eva’s have not had the chance to experience swimming or music lessons or playing a sport. Recreation enhances everyone’s lived experiences and makes life feel easier. It’s very powerful.” Thulasi aims to provide programs and resources to help [...]

Recreation key to youth recovery2023-07-10T09:08:11-04:00

How becoming a monthly donor can impact you and Eva’s

For a limited time, long-time supporters of Eva’s have generously agreed to match all new monthly donations for one year during our Taste Matters Remixed campaign. Meaning each donation can have 2X the impact! By making a commitment to contribute a fixed amount each month, you become an essential part of continuing the important work Eva’s and most importantly, supporting young people experiencing homelessness in our city. Here’s some food for thought on why you should consider becoming a [...]

How becoming a monthly donor can impact you and Eva’s2023-06-12T13:15:07-04:00

Assembling the right ingredients: Production of the Eva’s Eats cookbook

The Eva’s Eats cookbook was a collaborative project led by our food services coordinators, Leanne and Eugene, with young people and staff at our sites. The cookbook features recipes shared by young people and staff that are important to them, representing their diverse backgrounds and cultures. This project is an innovative example of how food can be used to build community and empower the young people we serve. The cookbook is a collection of recipes to help young people [...]

Assembling the right ingredients: Production of the Eva’s Eats cookbook2023-06-12T11:46:39-04:00

Eva’s young people and staff have been cooking up a special project

This spring, Eva’s is remixing our traditional recipe for our annual Taste Matters event. Instead, we are celebrating the launch of the Eva’s Eats cookbook, a collaborative project created by our food service coordinators and the young people staying at our sites. This cookbook aims to assist them as they transition to independent living. Eva’s Eats pays tribute to the legacy of our founder, Eva Smith, a Jamaican-Canadian activist who recognized the significance of food as a link to [...]

Eva’s young people and staff have been cooking up a special project2023-06-12T15:04:25-04:00

Update on Eva’s Satellite location at 25 Canterbury Place

25 Canterbury Place is a City-owned facility leased to Eva's as a satellite location to support youth experiencing homelessness. The location closed in the fall of 2021 in order for the City to complete needed renovations and important health and safety upgrades.As the owner of the building, the City is responsible for any necessary building upgrades. Since the closure, City staff have worked with consultants to complete an environmental assessment, designs and a construction plan that includes state-of-good-repair work.Construction may [...]

Update on Eva’s Satellite location at 25 Canterbury Place2023-05-17T14:50:37-04:00

A message from our Board Chair and Executive Director

To our staff, volunteers, donors, and community of supporters: On behalf of the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, we would like to extend our deep thanks for all you have done to support the young people we served over the last year. A message of gratitude to our front-line team In looking back on the year, we reflect on the continuing impacts of COVID-19, the opioid crisis, the worsening affordable housing situation in the city, and the [...]

A message from our Board Chair and Executive Director2023-04-26T16:20:54-04:00

Message from the Smith Family

Team,   In 2021-22, the COVID landscape called on the Eva’s team to again navigate the unknown and focus on conquering uncertainty. You continued to champion young people, helping them build brighter futures.    We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the incredible Eva’s team for your hard work over the past year. You not only provided one-on-one support to young people each day, but also continued to push for system change in an effort to end the cycle of [...]

Message from the Smith Family2023-04-26T16:19:26-04:00

Trust leads to growth for youth at Eva’s

Stuart has wise advice for youth who come to Eva’s: believe in yourself and trust in the support that’s being offered.  When Stuart walked through the doors of Eva’s Place, he felt lost and didn’t trust anyone. He had limited family supports and community connections and came to Eva’s for a fresh start.  “I got a lot of support from Eva’s staff. They showed respect right from the start and helped me focus on my goals, attend doctor’s appointments, [...]

Trust leads to growth for youth at Eva’s2023-04-26T16:12:17-04:00

How we help young people in our emergency shelters

For youth experiencing homelessness, the journey from chaos and crisis to stability often starts at one of Eva’s emergency shelter sites. At both Eva’s Place and Eva’s Satellite Hotel, youth receive immediate support day and night from our expert staff. We spoke with Helder, Senior Site Manager at Eva’s Place, to learn about the current conditions there.   “We're seeing real needs: youth coming from child welfare, sometimes the criminal justice system, the hospital, the airport, or the street,” [...]

How we help young people in our emergency shelters2023-05-08T10:37:24-04:00
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