When Brianna lost her job in customer service, she wasn’t sure what to do next.  

At 25, she qualified for the Youth Succeeding in Employment Program (YSEP) at Eva’s Phoenix – and the experience changed her life.   

“Being a part of the program gave me a lot of skills to find a job, have a better resume and cover letter, do well in interviews and dress professionally. I also learned soft skills like conflict resolution and how to adapt to the work environment,” she said.  

During the multi-week program, Brianna achieved food handler and health and safety certifications to better prepare her for any workplace.  

Despite her best efforts, it was hard to find a job during the pandemic. She built on her skills further at Eva’s by enrolling in the Graphic Communication and Print Training program.  

“It was exactly what I needed because I was getting restless without work. I knew nothing about graphic design before that course, but I learned a lot about design, printing and layout,” she said.  

Brianna said she used all the skills she learned in both programs to get and keep her role as a theatre production intern. She went into the job interview over Zoom with confidence. “I had a smile on my face and made sure to leave the interview with a question to show that I’m engaged in the process.” 

On the job, she practices professionalism, makes sure she’s on time every day, communicates well with her coworkers and managers and tries to be a positive and helpful presence. All skills she credits to her experience with YSEP. 

Today, Brianna is looking forward to securing a full-time role in theatre production. In addition to her internship, she completed a work placement through Eva’s in set design.  

“I would like to work in set design and props, building sets professionally on movies and TV. Being a part of YSEP has opened doors for me in the career I desire. I always recommend this program to anyone wanting to better themselves.” 

To learn more about our YSEP program, click here.