In 2021-22, the COVID landscape called on the Eva’s team to again navigate the unknown and focus on conquering uncertainty. You continued to champion young people, helping them build brighter futures.   
We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the incredible Eva’s team for your hard work over the past year. You not only provided one-on-one support to young people each day, but also continued to push for system change in an effort to end the cycle of homelessness.   
The last year focused heavily on building out the equity infrastructure at Eva’s. This work is setting the organization on an important path forward where equity, diversity, and inclusion and anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks are being embedded throughout the organization. This work is critical to meeting the needs of the young people at Eva’s.   
We see the intentionality behind the work and are behind the vision for the future direction of Eva’s.  
With open arms,  
Marcus Smith (on behalf of the Smith family)