“… I can finally talk to my parents now. After sessions learning how to better communicate and resolve conflict, I now can clearly express myself to my parents. My relationship with them strengthened and they have started to take me more seriously.” – 17 year old youth

A counselling program for youth aged 14-24 and their families to explore issues affecting their relationship. Our objective is to support young people in maintaining, re-establishing or expanding healthy and supportive relationships with those they define as family, so young people have a better safety-net for the future.

Our prevention program provides support to help youth those they define as family to resolve complex relationship issues, develop positive relationships, increase communication, and, where possible, divert youth from the shelter system.

  • Youth between 14-24
  • Housing is impacted by family conflict or other identified family issues
  • Young person is currently experiencing homelessness (i.e. staying at a shelter, nowhere to stay, couch surfing)
  • Young person has experienced homelessness in the past (i.e. staying at a shelter, nowhere to stay, couch surfing)
  • Young person is at risk for becoming homeless due to family conflict/issues at home, etc.
  • Youth or family identifies requiring support in any of the following areas: interpersonal and relationship skills, communication, boundaries, emotional regulation, mental health symptoms (i.e. depression and anxiety, other mental health diagnoses, or undiagnosed symptoms)

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Support healthy relationships for young people.

You can help young people experiencing homelessness start the journey toward brighter futures.