We Need Your Help Now More Than Ever

As we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, our utmost priority is always the youth we serve, their health and wellbeing, and that of our staff. With
today’s ever-changing situation, our team has been forced to make difficult decisions about the way we operate in order to keep our facilities healthy.

We have adjusted our operational procedures with the help of our staff and have a cohesive plan of action to mitigate COVID-19 in our facilities. This pandemic has just begun. We are already feeling the strain of a tight budget, and we need your help. Together, we can all come through this and arrive at a better place.

Young woman looking in the mirror and brushing her teeth.
Personal Hygiene Kit
Your gift will give them the confidence they need to face the world.

Help a young person look and feel good as they go to school and work.  Kit includes items like soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner.


Harm Reduction Kit
Your gift provides life-saving information and tools to help young people be safer on the journey from chaos to stability.

Many young people who are homeless are at high risk of overdose and serious illness. When they come to Eva’s, they need harm reduction support to help them deal with substance use challenges.


Safe Bed for the Night
Your gift provides a night off the street in a clean, warm bed.

Eva’s provides long-term solutions to youth homelessness but when young people come to our door, they are in crisis and need help right away. Many have endured difficulties like violence, illness, and abuse. City funding only covers a portion of the cost of a bed, so give toward a young person’s first step to healing: safe shelter.


The Cost of COVID-19

These are just some of the additional costs Eva’s now faces to support and protect our staff, and to keep our young people safe, engaged, enrolled and on track with their transition to independent living.


Provide safe transportation between Eva’s facilities and other services


Purchase required Personal Protective Equipment


Meet increased food requirements


Acquire technology for distance learning and support


Upgrade technology at Eva’s facilities


Ensure tech support and other remote learning needs

Feed a Youth for a Week
Your gift provides one resident with nutritious meals and snacks for one full week.

Young people need daily nourishment to develop, be healthy and well, and have energy to thrive. We want to ensure they get fresh, whole foods such as produce, meat, chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, and dairy. Residents at Eva’s emergency shelter get three nutritious meals and two snacks a day.


Young man with a backpack on standing on a subway platform.
Two Weeks Transportation
Your gift helps a young person get to and from work or school on transit for two weeks.

When young people become homeless, they often lose the means to go to work and school. That’s how dreams get lost.


Life Skills Learning
Your gift enables youth to learn the skills they need to live independently.

Prepare a young person to live their best lives and successfully transition to independent living. Youth get one-on-one and group learning in financial literacy, cooking and nutrition, housing, wellness, and communication and interpersonal skills.


Give with your head and your heart.

Donating to Eva’s makes good sense for both. Charity Intelligence chose Eva’s as a top 10 high-impact charity that delivers returns of 6 times for every dollar donated. Of every $1 spent at Eva’s, 73¢ goes to shelter, transitional housing, and youth programs. Young lives you help are real and the impacts of your giving go deep.

More on where donations go..

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  2. Enter the quantity of items and click “Add” for as many as you want.
  3. Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Review your cart.
  5. Enter your payment information and confirm your purchase.
  6. Optional: personalize and send your e-card to a loved one.
Young woman wearing rubber, yellow gloves cleaning a cupboard. She has stopped to look at the camera.
Fresh Start Kit
Your gift gives a young person basic household items for a new home.

Moving into a place of your own can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Having basic supplies to set up home helps! Fresh start kits can include items such as sheets, towels, toiletries, pots and pans, dishes, and cleaning supplies.


Family Crisis Response
Your gift enables Eva’s counsellors to go to youth and families in crisis in the community.

Family breakdown is a leading cause of youth homelessness, and in many cases, it’s linked to other challenges such as financial pressures and unmet mental health needs. Enable Eva’s counsellors meet with young people and their families to help them stay together and find help for the things they’re dealing with.


Young woman holding a food item, smiling at the camera. There are more people in the background which is out of focus.
Feed the Shelter
Your gift provides one day of meals and snacks for all residents at one of Eva’s emergency shelters.

Food connects people to each other and their own humanity. That’s why Eva’s values diverse, nutritious food so much and offers young people healthy meals to eat individually and collectively together.


Young people go into “survival mode” when they become homeless, worrying about where they’ll get their next meal and where they’re going to sleep. It’s nearly impossible for them to think about the future, let alone dream. But having dreams is so critical to healing, building a  career, pursuing education, building up healthy relationships, and believing in yourself. The chance to dream is something young people with homes get and young people without homes deserve no less. Your gift enables a young person to get the tools and caring support they need so they can make the room to dream and discover their potential.


Your gift donated through Eva’s Gift Catalogue goes toward critical, life-changing services and will be directed to the areas of greatest need. Gift items represent key services Eva’s regularly provides for young people and their families and their corresponding monetary values.