We need your help to feed 30,000 meals to hungry youth.

“I’m hungry. What’s to eat?”

While this might be a common conversation in a household with a teenager, for many youth at Eva’s, they face a different reality. Many youth report having gone hungry because they couldn’t afford food when they were homeless.

Young people have greater nutritional needs than any other population demographic because their brains, minds and bodies are still developing, and they are still growing. The consequences of inadequate nutrition can last a lifetime.

That’s why from May 1 to May 31, we are hosting Taste Matters – The Home Edition.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel our annual Taste Matters live event. We have spent the last year ensuring that our youth and staff have been kept safe with physical distancing measures, mask wearing and handwashing protocols in place. Everyone’s safety is top of mind and a priority for us, including yours. That’s why we won’t see you in person this year.


COVID-19 is having a significant impact on Eva’s food supply.

Not only are we unable to host our event that raises money for our food program for youth, but our food costs have exploded since the pandemic started. Youth are staying inside our shelters for longer periods of time than normal due to self-isolating, social distancing, and mental health issues related to COVID-19. Instead of leaving the shelter for lunch, for example, youth are now requiring lunch in addition to breakfast and dinners at the shelter as well as more healthy snacks.

Fortunately, YOU can help us serve 30,000 meals to hungry youth

We look forward to the time we can meet and celebrate in person. But in the meantime, we are reaching out to all of our previous Taste Matters attendees and inviting you to help us feed the youth in our care with 30,000 healthy meals and snacks by donating what you would have spent on tickets to attend our live event.

Thank you to COLLINGS STEVENS FAMILY FOUNDATION for stepping up to the plate and matching up to $20,000 in donations.

Goal: 30,000 healthy meals and snacks

Meals to Go: 25,338
= 600 healthy meals and snacks filled
= empty plates YOU can fill!
= Collings Stevens Family Foundation Match

Double your impact. Donate now!


Instead of purchasing a silent auction item, you’ll serve

62 124 healthy meals and snacks

to youth at Eva’s.



Instead of purchasing two tickets to Taste Matters, you’ll provide

one two youth with nutritious meals and snacks

for one full month.



You’ll serve

250 500 healthy meals and snacks

to youth at Eva’s.



Instead of purchasing a live auction item, you’ll provide

two four days of meals and snacks

for all residents at one of Eva’s emergency shelters.


“Because food is survival.”

To thank you for your continued support and to give you a taste of Taste Matters, we’ll send you a recipe from Chef Myles Chaulk, Taste Matters’ Event Host in 2019. After being kicked out of his house at age 16 followed by a series of harrowing events, he arrived at Eva’s. Through our programs, he developed a love for cooking which led him to a career as a chef. “Because food is survival.”

Chef Myles Chaulk, former Eva’s Resident. 

Taste Matters Memories…

2019 Taste Matters Highlights

2019 Culinary Hosts included…

6ix TrianglesHawthorne Food & DrinkPetty Cash Social House
BaroIsland OystersPomarosa
DashaKhao San RoadTC Tibetan MoMo
Earth + CityLady Hummingbird Culinary ArtsWafle Huis
FarmrLion City Restaurant
Gloryhole Donutspegrolls

2019 Beverage Hosts included…

Angie's JuiceryShawn & Ed Brewing Co
Catapult BrewingStation Cold Brew
Colio Estate WinesStratus
Collective ArtsTop Shelf
Flat Rock Cellars
Rorschach Brewing Co.

Our Thanks

Thank you to Eva’s Taste Matters 2021 Committee Members!

Chris Stevens
TD Securities Inc., Asset Securitization
Chair, Eva’s Taste Matters

Myles Chaulk
Kitchen Manager, Uncle Bettys Diner

David Dudkiewicz
McMillan LLP, Associate

Kate Fincham
Haworth, Special Events and Social Media

Stephanie Harrower
Allied Properties REIT, Operations Coordinator

Tim Kennedy
First National, Director, Commercial Financing

Joseph Kotze
Community Lead, Mealshare

Christopher Lieb
Oxford Properties Group, Director & General Manager

Alan Rawn
Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield