A resilient person possesses the ability to “bounce back” during or after difficult situations. The young people at Eva’s demonstrate time and time again, that they have the ability to adapt to the “curve balls” life has thrown at them and to find a way to come out “thriving”.

This pandemic has flipped everything around. Eva’s COVID – 19 protocols, require staff and young people to practice physical distancing, but in shelters, space is at a premium. Youth who would normally be outside of the shelter during the day, are now staying in 24-7, as we do our part to flatten the curve. Their school, placements and in some cases jobs have been put on hold.

However, the perfect example of resilience is one of our residents, Jenny (not her real name). She is a student in a demanding post-secondary program that has switched to an interactive online model.

Life has thrown Jenny the ultimate curveball, she is experiencing housing precariousness during this very challenging time. She must also find a way to keep up with the demands of her program. Finding a quiet corner to log on and learn has been challenging. Add to that, the shelter’s internet services are not reliable, so freezing and dropouts can be frustrating.

It would be easy for her to become defeated by her circumstance. It would be understandable for Jenny to feel anxious and give up.
Many of us are feeling overwhelmed even though we are sitting safely in our homes with the ability to “log on” to the internet whenever we wish. Others are finding it rough video conferencing from home with our children in the background. Imagine trying to do that while sharing your space with 40 other young people.

Nevertheless, our resilient student is resourceful. She is using an office when staff are not using it. She works out of the staff lunch room when the office is not available. Jenny is navigating the inconsistent WIFI strength with grace. She can be found daily studying and working around the clock staying focused on her end goal.

She recognizes that this too shall pass and when it does she will be ready. She is focused on emerging out of this pandemic new normal with an education and a brighter future.

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