At Eva’s, like shelters across the GTA, we see an over representation of Black youth, despite Black people only making up 8% of the population of Toronto.  The youth we serve aren’t just Black this week…they are Black every day of the year.

This means that the way they navigate systems and the way in which systems respond to them is greatly informed by race.

It starts with education. Black youth are pushed out of school, streamed into applied and suspended at higher rates. Learn more

Black families are interrupted by child welfare at alarming rates. In 2014, 41% of children in the care of Toronto CAS were identified as Black. Discover more

The school to prison pipeline is real…Black youth are criminalized and incarcerated at higher rates than their White or non-racialized counterparts. Read More

So what can you do?  Advocate for systems to collect better data and to address anti-Black racism – so we stop the over-representation of Black youth within our shelters.

“Healing begins where the wound was made.” -Alice Walker

You can help end youth homelessness.

Your gift covers essentials like food and shelter for 123 youth each night, as well as programs that give youth skills, confidence, and support to live independently.

Charity Intelligence chose Eva’s a top ten high-impact Canadian charity. Each $1 invested creates $9 of social benefit!