"My life… I probably wouldn’t have it today. Or my job… or anything for that matter if not for Eva’s Phoenix and the employment and housing teams. There is absolutely nothing like this place… and no one can do what they do with the lost, discarded, confused and abused youth of our city." - Joshua, former resident

The success of Eva’s Phoenix demonstrates the effectiveness of an integrated model of support in helping homeless youth to reintegrate into the community. Youth are supported to enter or re-enter the world of employment or educations and to stabilize their housing, as well as build a broad base of support to move forward with their lives.

Working with business, labour and community partners, Eva’s Phoenix provides homeless and at-risk youth with the opportunities needed to develop life skills, build careers and live independently.

Housing Program

Youth at Eva’s Phoenix live in shared townhouse-style units with access to common areas. While at Eva’s Phoenix, youth develop the skills to live independently through goal setting exercises, workshops and hands-on programs that are delivered in a supportive environment.

Training and Employment Programs

We know that for youth to succeed, they need access to career and job training, so that they can secure not only a job, but a “foot in the door” to a career of their choice. Learn about our programs and how to apply to them.

New or Returning Applicants

Want to apply? If you are working with a youth-serving agency, have them fill out and submit the form. You can also fill out and submit the form on your own.

Download application form (PDF, 66 KB)

Eva’s Phoenix Rising Capital Campaign

Eva’s Phoenix Rising Capital Campaign must raise $12.5 million to renovate and relocate the Eva’s Phoenix facility for homeless and at-risk youth in downtown Toronto.

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