Art Jam

Even during COVID-19, art can bring  us closer together even if we have to sit apart.
This spring, residents at Phoenix flexed their artistic muscles through painting, drawing and colouring. Art Jam allowed everyone to bring out their artistic abilities in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. It was a fantastic evening filled with music, snacks and art.
The budding artists learned that creating art provides a distraction, giving one’s brain a break from their usual thoughts. They had a chance to have fun creating masterpieces while learning ways to lower their stress levels.

B’Natural Facials with Oseakina

Giving yourself a facial can leave your skin, feeling fresh and renewed. Imagine being able to create most of the products you need to have a spa day with ingredients you may already have in the pantry. Recently Oseakina Igiewe facilitated an extraordinary self-care workshop to show young people at the Delta Hotel how to do just that.
At this workshop, B’Natural Facials with Oseakina, youth learned about facial care using natural ingredients like aloe vera, oats, turmeric, honey. Residents were taught about the benefits of each of the natural properties and how they benefit the skin.
The youth were then given the chance to pamper themselves by creating their own facial masks.

Playing Around: Games Night

As a part of Eva’s recreation programming, youth at Eva’s participated in a games night. Young people enjoyed an evening of cards, Jenga and bean bag toss while socializing with the staff and their peers.
Engaging in play is more than just fun and games. As young people play, they are enhancing skills like critical thinking, deductive reasoning and social skills.
During stressful times laughter can be the best medicine. Here at Eva’s, we find that playing games induce laughter, which is a terrific way to help your body produce endorphins that reduce stress and anxiety.

Flower Power

On April 22, young people participated in a beautiful workshop to celebrate Earth Day and Spring. 
The purpose of this activity was to assist youth who were experiencing depression and anxiety to practice the physical aspect of gardening, floral arranging and decorating. Gardening helps release serotonin and dopamine in the brain, helping the young person to feel more relaxed. The act of touching the flowers aids with sensory stimulation that can help participants relax and improve their mood, self-esteem, and well-being.
This workshop also promoted positive social interaction and social inclusion, although participants practised physical distancing.
Youth were also taught a bit of botany as they learned about different types of flowers; like tulips, dandelions, pussy-willows, roses etc.
In addition, residents learned how to create floral boxes; from arrangement to putting items together and painting techniques.  These competencies help them gain skills for employment. The youth were proud of their work and felt confident that they could create floral boxes in the future for the public to purchase. It seems like Eva’s may have some budding creative entrepreneurs.

Hitting All The Right Notes

Residents at Eva’s Place made joyful noises at a karaoke event July 3rd, 2020.
Even an activity like karaoke can be a growth experience. It allowed the youth to step out of their comfort zone, build confidence, learn how to manage anxiety while building healthy relationships. Another purpose of this activity was to provide a stress reliever for youth experiencing trauma, helping participants to display feelings and emotions through song lyrics, showcase each participant’s talents and skills.
This was one of the best karaoke activities that have taken place in the space and participants have requested to make karaoke a weekly activity which Oseakina is working towards.
But the best part … all the young people involved seemed to have a wonderful time!