Download a free African stew recipe from Eva’s Eats cookbook

Created by youth staying at Eva’s shelter sites, and led by the food service coordinators, the Eva’s Eats cookbook is a resource to support those transitioning from homelessness to independence.

“A community problem should have a community solution.”

— Eva Smith

Ensure the young people in our community have access to critical ingredients to success.

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Why Taste Matters at Eva’s

This thoughtful cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. It’s a labour of love and a testament to the legacy of our founder Eva Smith. For Eva, taste mattered. Food was a link to culture and an important foundation for youth experiencing homelessness. Memorializing these recipes helps young people celebrate and honour their cultures through food as well as share their cultures with each other, and you, our community.

For those who remember our Taste Matters events in the past, we hope you will continue to enjoy this celebration of food in this remixed way. When we share a meal, we show how much we care. And that’s no different here at Eva’s.

Recipe for Success

Food connects us with ourselves and our communities. These ideas inspired Eva’s food service coordinators, Eugene, and Leanne, to collaborate with young people to create Eva’s Eats, a cookbook made for youth by youth.

A collection of healthy, budget-friendly recipes that hold special significance to the young people at Eva’s.

Eva’s Eats cookbook is just one example of what culturally responsive programming can look like and how it gives young people the opportunity to tap into their skills and creativity to accomplish amazing things.

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At Eva’s, young people access wrap-around supports built through anti-Black racism and anti-oppression lenses. Youth from all backgrounds and identities find immediate support that contributes to their sustainable independence.

You are a key ingredient in Eva’s recipe for supporting youth transitioning from homelessness to independence.

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“Food feeds not only the body but the soul, too. You can think better and do better when your stomach is full.”

— Eugene, Eva’s food services coordinator