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Eva's logo 2021 – 22 ANNUAL

From our Board Chair and Executive Director

Eva's logo 2021 – 22 ANNUAL
Aisha Francis

Aisha Francis
Eva’s Board
of Directors

Louise Smith

Louise Smith
Executive Director,
Eva’s Initiatives for
Homeless Youth

To our staff, volunteers, donors, and community of supporters:

We are excited to share with you Eva’s latest Annual Impact Report.

Our theme this year is “Doing the work together.” We believe that everyone has a part to play in making a positive impact, just like Eva Smith did when she first started as an activist in Canada.

Thank you to our incredible community for doing the work together with us this year.

Over-representation in the shelter system

Our recent youth survey confirmed what we had come to know anecdotally via our intake experience: there is an over-representation of Black, newcomer, and 2SLGBTQ+ youth accessing services at Eva’s.

51% of youth who participated in the survey self-identified as Black. As compared to 9% of Torontonians who self-identify as Black.


Eva Smith

Our organization’s innovative approach to supporting youth experiencing homelessness started with our founder, Eva Smith. Her legacy remains central to the work we do today.

Heightened, more complex needs among youth experiencing homelessness

In 2021 – 22 the number of young people we served at Eva’s was lower than the year prior.

These decreases represent a trend in the youth shelter system, in which a lack of access to affordable housing, the higher cost of living, and more complex needs are resulting in more youth staying with us longer.

The average length of stay at our Satellite Hotel, one of our emergency shelter sites, is nine to 12 months. All of our sites are full each night, with occupancy rates averaging 98%.

766 youth found shelter and safety at Eva's this year

373 at Place

84 at YOUth Belong

373 at Place

84 at YOUth Belong

The journey to find affordable housing

Accessing affordable housing in Toronto is a challenge for most people. For Black youth, it comes with additional obstacles.

Linda, an Eva's Housing Support Worker
Breanna Philip

“I know the history behind Eva Smith and her intentionality around serving Black youth. One of the main reasons we chose Eva’s [as our charitable recipient] was that we knew they were intentional about serving Black youth.”

— Breanna Phillip, Founder, Curlz and Convos

“I want other young people to know that you can turn your story around. There’s always hope.”

— Raiesa, former resident at Eva’s Satellite

To hear more of Raiesa’s story in her words watch the full video.

Eva’s staff across our sites

Natalie, Program Facilitator at Eva’s Phoenix

Eva’s serves all youth using anti-Black racism and anti-oppression lenses, placing intentional emphasis on meeting the needs of Black youth. The social services sector has historically and continually underserved and marginalized Black youth.

Natalie, Program Facilitator at Eva’s Phoenix

Anti-oppression training vital for youth

The youth we serve at Eva’s learn about systemic barriers.

Trust leads to growth for youth at Eva’s

When Stuart walked through the doors of Eva’s Place, he felt lost and didn’t trust anyone. He had limited family supports and community connections and came to Eva’s for a fresh start.

Note: to protect this youth's identity, we have used a stock photo.
Emergency shelters

How we help young people in our emergency shelters

For youth experiencing homelessness, the journey from chaos and crisis to stability often starts at one of Eva’s emergency shelter sites.

Covid-19 impact

COVID-19 continues to impact the shelter system

For many people, COVID-19 is no longer a daily concern. But in congregate living situations, like Eva’s shelter sites and two transitional housing locations, it is still very much a reality.

Expenses: $13.1 million
Revenue: $11.08 million, sources of Donations: $3.3 million



In spring 2023, Eva’s is embarking on a strategic planning exercise to guide the organization for the next several years.

This plan will honour the legacy of our founder, Eva Smith, and intentionally support the specific needs of Black youth experiencing homelessness.

Click here to learn more about our journey to embed equity, diversity, and inclusion in all that we do at Eva’s.

Thank you for all you’ve done so far to help move this work forward. We’re excited to continue this work together.

If you would like to support us on this journey with a meaningful investment, please contact Cara Williams, Director of Development, at [email protected].

Thank you

To our community of supporters including our corporate, foundation, government, and individual donors who have generously contributed to the work of Eva’s over the last year.

Click here to download the report and discover the full impact.
Doing the work together, 2021 - 2022 Annual impact report