At Eva’s, Bailey gained incredible tech and design skills to move forward with his dreams as a “digital nomad”.

Before coming to Toronto, Bailey lived with his parents. Unfortunately, his father passed away from cancer. “Things were not so well with my mother,” he said, “and she couldn’t be there for me.” He knew he needed to leave and that he was interested in graphic design.

It’s through a Google search that Bailey first learned about Eva’s Phoenix and the Graphic Design and Print Training Program. “I had no idea where I was going to stay,” he explains. “When I found out about Eva’s, I felt it was meant to be!”

Living at Eva’s Phoenix, Bailey was eager to launch into his education in design and print training. He learned the basics of Photoshop and InDesign, software that’s important for any designer to get familiar with. He was also taught how to use digital printers and set up files for professional print. After the training program, Eva’s staff team helped him get a job at a print shop.

One of the best things about being at Eva’s and accessing tailored programming is that young people get the opportunity and safe space to hone in on their talents and interests. As an artistic person, Bailey has learned that he would love to get into film production, and the skills he learned in the Graphic Design and Print Training Program Print program was a great start. “I can design my own posters to promote my own film, make my own business cards, and create titles for a documentary,” he says. “What I learned are really transferable skills.”

At the moment, Bailey’s excited about the technology training being piloted at Eva’s Phoenix in partnership with Techsdale and TWG. Through this practical 15-week course, he’s one of several youth learning how to develop their own apps, video games, and websites. He’s looking forward to the possibility of releasing his own travel app on Google Play as well as getting help to find a technology internship or entry-level technology job after he completes the program.

Bailey describes himself as a “digital nomad” and a “flamingo”, as he’s inquisitive and would love to explore the world and live in warmer areas of the globe. He’s also interested in fashion and wants to open an online business one day, focusing on men’s business clothes designed for easy travelling. In the end, he knows he can make a difference no matter where he is or what he does. “Your job is to make a positive impact wherever you go,” he says. “I don’t have to be the president or prime minister to make positive choices in my community.”


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