On a cold day last winter, Amy and her three younger siblings became homeless.

Amy’s mother was a single parent and as the eldest child, Amy worked hard to help her mother make ends meet. Despite her best efforts, there were many times when she and her younger siblings would survive on only one meal a day. Amy’s mother struggled with frequent bouts of depression, and tried very hard to keep things together, but a number of missed rent payments eventually resulted in the family’s eviction.

Amy’s mother eventually suffered a psychotic event and was hospitalized. During this time, Amy stayed at an emergency shelter but found that it was very chaotic and eventually dropped out of school.

That was when she heard about Eva’s Phoenix through a friend.

Once Amy settled in, she was finally able to focus on herself, and to identify those things that she needed to work on in order to begin her journey toward a positive and promising future. After speaking with a councillor at Phoenix, she went to see a physician and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, resulting from her experiences with her family and her attempts to try and support her mother through such chaotic times. This diagnosis allowed Amy to better understand her feelings, and motivated her to focus on her healing and on the future she wanted. Amy was accepted into the Print Shop Training Program. This program taught her all the elements of digital publishing and print production.

At the conclusion of the program, Amy found a job at a printing and binding company. And with the skills and support she learned and acquired at Eva’s Phoenix, she now lives in her own apartment and is planning to return to school part time with the hope of eventually getting into the marketing field. She is currently practicing her public speaking skills and talks frequently about her experiences and how Eva’s Phoenix helped her learn to be confident, believe in herself and to pursue her dreams. Amy is a great speaker and her bubbly personality shines through when she talks about how her experiences at Eva’s helped change her life and focus on the future.


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