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Colliers International

“Eva’s is taking the conversation about youth homelessness from the issue of shelter and expanding it to include job training, education and life skills on a national partnership scale.”


“There are many reasons to support Eva’s. But the most important ones, I think, are giving our young people a sense of belonging and providing them with opportunities to achieve success, build self-esteem, and experience – often for the first time in their lives – what it means to be part of a social network that recognizes achievement, applauds effort and embraces teamwork!”

Ontario Securities Commission

“I am committed to supporting Eva’s for 3 specific reasons: (1) Inclusivity – Eva’s prides itself on being the shelter that accepts everyone without judgement. (2) Innovativeness – Eva’s is prepared to take risks to meet the needs of Youth. Family Re-connect is a prime example of listening to Youth, understanding their concerns, and launching a counter-intuitive, perhaps even controversial, yet highly effective approach to preventing Youth homelessness and (3) Impact – the National Initiatives Program brings together the best practices to address Youth homelessness, and has the ways and means to seed and nurture these effective approaches across Canada.”

Lott & Company Professional Corporation

“We are all very blessed to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Unfortunately, the opportunities afforded to some are not available to all. Eva’s is at the forefront of giving homeless and at-risk youth in Toronto a safe space and the opportunity to apply themselves and create tangible change in their own lives.”


“Everyone needs support at some point in their lives. Some lean on family, others on their friends or mentors. Eva’s is a wonderful organization that supports the unsupported by not only providing shelter to at risk youths, but also giving individualized and focused attention to aid them in their journey to becoming successful and reaching their goals.”

Torys LLP

“Eva’s does so much more than provide safe shelter on a temporary basis in a respectful non-discriminatory fashion to all homeless and at risk youth regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. Eva’s is committed to preventing youth homelessness in cases where that is possible, and alleviating the consequences of homelessness on a sustainable basis where prevention is not possible.”

Stikeman Elliott LLP

“Our homeless and at-risk youth are equally deserving of the opportunity to live safe and productive lives. Supporting Eva’s efforts to better the lives of and create opportunities for our homeless and at-risk youth should be regarded as social rent for all of the advantages we and our children so richly enjoy.”

Taylor Advisory Services

Hays Specialist Recruitment Canada

Brookfield Asset Management

“Eva’s is broadening the dialogue, beyond providing shelter, to focusing on the eradication of homelessness though education, advocacy and systemic change. As a mother, I appreciate the fact that no matter what how diligent we are as parents, there are many influences outside of us which contribute to the success of our youth. Eva’s offers an important alternative for youth in our city.”


“Giving back is something that I’ve always believed in. I was privileged to be raised in a loving and stable family and have been in a position to give the same to my two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, too many youths find themselves in hostile environments with no one to turn to for guidance and often leave home and end up on the streets. Eva’s offers shelter and provides them with the support they desperately need to help them get back on their feet and lead a fulfilling life. I’ve heard many stories from youths that have passed through Eva’s and they are always so inspiring. I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization and help where I could.”

York Heritage Management

“I have volunteered with Eva’s for about 20 years. Intrigued originally by the passion of the management and staff, I soon learned that Eva’s was providing youth with so much more than food and shelter. Providing youth with skills and resources to become self-sufficient, complete their education and to find employment are key. That’s how lives are changed and that’s why I am committed to working with Eva’s.”

Ed Smith & Edeva Smith
Buzz Hargrove, Gerald W. Schwartz
Jocelyn M. Helland, Executive Director

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