It’s National Volunteer Week. Across Canada, 12.7 million volunteers support make an impact in communities everywhere. Here at Eva’s, we extend a big shout out to the people who volunteer their time to help young people build futures free of homelessness. Volunteers have done everything from helping with meal preparation and facility maintenance to supporting fundraising events and organizational planning and governance.

We’re thrilled to benefit from the energies of volunteers, but we know there’s so much more they can do to support young people. All volunteers need is the right support! That’s why we have a brand new Volunteer Coordinator, Chantale Spencer, who is eager to build up a robust volunteer engagement program at Eva’s, to be officially launched this summer.

Chantale Spencer
About Chantale

Chantale brings experience working with volunteers and teaching outdoor education programming to children and young people. She loves working with volunteers because of the amazing people she gets to meet along the way. She enjoys the “win-win” inherent to any healthy volunteerism: people get to do meaningful things and gain skills at the same time that they help organizations make a difference. It’s no wonder that, in her spare time, Chantale is an avid volunteer herself, getting her hands dirty in community gardening!

Chantale was drawn to Eva’s for the same reason a lot of volunteers are compelled to reach out to us—in addition to short-term shelter, Eva’s aims to help youth gain all the skills and connections they need to succeed over the long-term. Now that she’s a part of Eva’s Team, Chantale is looking forward to building a diverse team of volunteers who have all they need to help young people transform their lives, build their excellence, and break through the barriers.

Do you want to get in on this brand new volunteer action?

Visit our Volunteer webpage and sign up to get notifications on the launch of our new volunteer engagement program in summer 2018 and any volunteer opportunities that arise in the meantime. Thank you for your willingness to jump in and make a difference for young people at Eva’s!

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