It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada! All across Canada, volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet and creating thriving and resilient communities. From April 7 to the 13, Eva’s will be celebrating how our very own team of volunteers lift up young people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and expertise.

A young woman standing on a high hill overlooking a city and some greenery.


Young people at Eva’s come from diverse backgrounds and traumatic experiences, which is why finding the right people to work directly with them is so important. Yasmin, our Dietetic Student placement at Eva’s Place, is one of our amazing volunteers that fits the profile. At Eva’s, Yasmin helps out in the kitchen preparing and serving meals.

Yasmin understands that simply giving a young person a meal isn’t enough to prepare them for the journey ahead. That’s why she also facilitates and leads various programs like baking lessons and art skills that they can use to support themselves when they exit homelessness.

Getting to know the young people has been the highlight of her experience volunteering at Eva’s, and she can’t help but speak highly of them. “They are smart, funny, and engaging and they often want to work with you and help,” says Yasmin. Like all youth, young people at Eva’s have dreams, passions and ambitions, and Yasmin goes above and beyond her work to help them reach theirs.

Supporting youth at Eva’s is fulfilling for Yasmin and they are helping her grow too. Along with developing her ability to adapt in a constantly changing environment, she says, “My confidence in facilitating group programs for youth has increased greatly!”

Yasmin loves to travel, enjoys dancing and swimming and when she’s not helping to prepare meals for the residents at Eva’s Place, she’s often in her kitchen creating delicious meals of her own!

With her passion, strong development skills and dedication to understanding, Yasmin and volunteers like her, are helping young people at Eva’s take huge strides in taking ownership of their future.

Are you interested in volunteering at Eva’s?