It’s International Volunteer Day and we need to extend a heartfelt thank you all our volunteers. We also want to extend a warm welcome to the new folks who have come on board with us too.

Eva’s recently launched a revitalized volunteer program to better hook up community talents and passion with our goal to end youth homelessness. Volunteers have been so instrumental to us, helping with everything from meal preparation and facility maintenance to fundraising support, but we knew we needed to take it to the next level.

Volunteers have already enthusiastically applied for our new roles. That’s how we met Shaun, our new Social Media Specialist Volunteer. He leaped in by coming to Eva’s Taste Matters and doing great Instagram live streams to engage our followers.

It gave him a chance to “meet other volunteers and learn more about the initiatives the charity supports in a relaxed atmosphere (complete with some truly PHENOMENAL food)!” Shaun said he was most impacted by the success stories of people Eva’s helped in the past and how they were enabled to build better lives.

Like many volunteers, Shaun came to us because he wanted to give back. For him, it’s about supporting people who maybe haven’t had the opportunities as he has had. He was drawn to Eva’s by our inclusive environment and the work we do with youth.

“Eva’s goes above and beyond to not only help in the ‘here and now’ but to also look at the bigger picture and help youths to build a brighter future,” he explains.

By being with us, Shaun is looking forward to building on his interests and skills. He’ll help us keep up with our online community, share better content, and learn more about what gets people excited and engaged!

“I’m hoping to keep developing not only my skills but my own self-discovery of what I can accomplish,” he says, adding that this volunteer role offers him new expressive and creative opportunities.

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