It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada! All across Canada, volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet and creating thriving and resilient communities. From April 7 to the 13, Eva’s will be celebrating how our very own team of volunteers lift up young people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and expertise.

A young woman in an Eva's t-shirt standing with a fellow volunteer happily.

Meredyth (right) with Shaun, Volunteer Social Media Specialist, (left) on Giving Tuesday

Without the support of our donors, the young people that come to Eva’s every day for life-changing services would have nowhere to go. That’s why volunteers like Meredyth are so critical to our work.

As a Donor Relations Volunteer, Meredyth helps our supporters stay connected to the work we do with young people experiencing homelessness. She brings a wealth of talent to her volunteer role, and like many volunteers, she’s been able to learn and develop new skills along the way.

“There is so much need in our world, and I’m lucky enough to have some skills and some time to offer up in the hopes of making things just a little bit better.” – Meredyth

Part of why Meredyth loves volunteering is to give back to the community. Of course, there are many great causes where she could spend her time helping out, but it’s the “warm, kind and passionate group of people at Eva’s who clearly love what they do” that has caused Meredyth to continue investing her time and energy in us.

In between all this hard work, another passion is ‘growing’. Meredyth finds gardening and growing house plants a rewarding way to learn the art of patience and cultivating something green. It seems the only limitations for her hobby may just be running out of space to keep on growing… something that she never has to worry about when volunteering with Eva’s!

Are you interested in volunteering at Eva’s?