It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada! All across Canada, volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet and creating thriving and resilient communities. From April 7 to the 13, Eva’s will be celebrating how our very own team of volunteers lift up young people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and expertise.


Financial literacy initiatives aimed at youth are often generic and not designed to address the needs of young people experiencing financial hardship. Money can be a deeply personal topic. It’s important for young people at Eva’s to receive financial literacy education that meets them where they are, and acknowledges their unique barriers and challenges.

Young people may not have any natural supports (such as family members) in their lives to teach them these skills, which is where Chetan, our volunteer Financial Literacy Program Facilitator, comes in. In classes, Chetan covers topics like budgeting, saving, credit scores, debt, taxes, and any other questions that might come up.

“It’s not just about dry numbers,” Chetan says, “You have to connect with [young people] and address their emotions.” Working at Eva’s has helped him realize this and develop skills around unpacking feelings surrounding this topic to help get someone to a place where they can absorb the information.

Chetan sees how financial literacy is part of the bigger picture of young people being able to achieve their life goals. Being a small part of this journey is what makes volunteering at Eva’s so special for him. Chetan also enjoys the welcoming environment at Eva’s that gives people space to be themselves.

Outside of volunteering, Chetan is a rugby fan and enjoys watching the Canadian 7’s and 15’s teams!

Are you interested in volunteering at Eva’s?