It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada! All across Canada, volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet and creating thriving and resilient communities. From April 7 to the 13, Eva’s will be celebrating how our very own team of volunteers lift up young people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and expertise.

Recreational activities such as sports, art, camping, and games contribute to youth health, well-being, and self-confidence. 53% of youth experiencing homelessness drop out of school, and that can mean losing access to opportunities for these kinds of extracurricular activities.

When we can bring these activities to young people at Eva’s, we can improve self-esteem, build interests and passions, and give them something to be excited about as they work toward exiting the shelter system. We often rely on volunteers and community partners in order to do this.

As the Volunteer Circuit Training Facilitator at Eva’s Place, Chaney gives young people a chance to get active in a positive way. Engaging in physical activity has also been shown to reduce the physiological response to stressful situations, improving the ability to cope.

“Fitness is very important to me,” Chaney explains, “I believe it takes a great deal of dedication and discipline which ultimately translates into the recipe for success for anything in life.”

Through his volunteering at Eva’s, Chaney has had the opportunity to develop his leadership skills as well as his ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Chaney believes that volunteering provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our community by developing stronger relationships with one another. “Together, we are stronger and can accomplish more,” he says.

Are you interested in volunteering at Eva’s?