Young people at Eva’s work hard to build brighter futures for themselves. Despite the difficulties of homelessness, they’re getting up and pursuing healing, education, jobs, and life skills; making community connections; and moving closer to their dreams of home and a sense of belonging for good.

For the first day of spring, we wanted to share some recent success stories with you!

A young man exiting a building with a backpack on.A young man exiting a building with a backpack on.
Tyler graduated and is continuing his education.

Tyler moved between foster homes, group homes and shelters since he was a toddler. School hardly seemed a viable option with such uncertainty and lack of consistent lodging. After years of bouncing from shelter to shelter, he found it impossible to stay focused on school and homework. He eventually stopped going to school. After moving into Eva’s Pheonix, with the support of the Education Advisor, he registered again for school. The Education Program was able to support him to continue his education as well as significantly improve his grades. Not only did he graduate from high school, he also applied for the Bachelors of Philosophy program at the University of Toronto.

A young women with long hair standing outside.
Sally has gained confidence and connected with employment opportunities.

Sally, a recent graduate of the Youth Succeeding in Employment program, has overcome some setbacks and adversity. She was a keen participant in the program, always supporting the other youth while showing a positive attitude and a natural aptitude for the work. During her early weeks in the program, she was facing eviction. By providing some additional supports, we were able to secure her two possible employment opportunities. She has since found temporary accommodation and we will continue to support her as part of her journey. The confidence this young woman has gained in completing Eva’s Construction and Building Maintenance program is going to support her in both her future employment and life goals.

Young man wearing glasses and smiling.
Zach’s positive attitude turned an unwanted situation into a passion and career path.

Zach shared with us that he came to the Graphic Communication and Print Training program “because he had too”. Before the program, he had very little technical experience or interest in design or print. Despite that, he jumped right in remaining actively engaged in his assignments, showing up on time, and staying positive. This youth excelled in class and received an Eva’s Bursary for being one of the most productive, reliable and positive students in his cohort. Nearing the end of his cohort Zach shared “I never really knew what I wanted to do before, but I’m really interested in design now, I think this is something I want to do”. He was able to secure placement at a local print shop following his time in the program.

“A donation to Eva’s, at the very least, will be used to provide some form of help to someone who needs it. If all goes well, my donation will ultimately be part of the process of a young life getting back on track.”

Neil, donor.

Young people are transforming their lives at Eva’s. It’s thanks to our caring community of supporters who show deep compassion and belief in young people experiencing homelessness that we are able to provide them with the support they need to build brighter futures!

Become part of this special community by supporting youth like Tyler, Sally and Zach!