Coming out isn’t always easy or safe. For many of us, coming out is something we have to do again and again over our lifetime. In honour of National Coming Out Day on October 11, we asked staff and friends of Eva’s to share their positive messages for young people so we could celebrate who they are and show them that there is support and love for them in the world (and at Eva’s).

“Believe in yourself, stay strong and be proud of who you are.”

Susie, Ally, Eva’s Satellite

“Surprisingly, it takes a lot of courage to be yourself

since there is so much judgement everywhere you look nowadays, but always remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and you alone define your story. Always be true to yourself and let who you are, no matter what you identify as, be a positive light to those around you.”
Laurinda Lee, Founder of Kind Karma Co., Straight, Friend of Eva’s

“You are worthy of love and partnership!

Be resilient and compassionate. Never stop exploring and discovering all the things that make you, you!”
Wendy, Queer, Eva’s Admin Office

“Congratulations for taking on this difficult work you are doing,

as you figure out who you are and (maybe) decide to come out! And as scary as it can be, life is so much richer when you are able to live more fully as yourself. So just in case you haven’t heard this recently, I see you and am proud of you. Because I can’t swear in excitement at how proud I am of you, I’ll just say heck yes!!”
Kay, Queer, Eva’s Admin Office

“We’re here for you.”

Ally, Eva’s Admin Office

“I encourage you to be your authentic self,

to shut out the voices outside and listen to your inner wisdom. You know who you are: a worthy, loving and loveable human being.”
Elizabeth C., Ally, Eva’s Pheonix

“You are amazing!

Thank you for sharing and thank you for being true to yourself. It may be difficult at times but know that we support you.”
Chantale Spencer, Ally, Eva’s Admin Office

Due to the widespread LGBTTIQQ2SA+ folks still experience, we felt it was important to share these message of love and support. We hope you’ll share them to!