As we celebrate Black History Month at Eva’s, we honor our founder Eva Maud Smith. Last month, we celebrated the anniversary of Eva’s birthday. Young people at Eva’s Phoenix wrote some heartfelt notes to Eva as they enjoyed some cake!

“Eva is the real OG!”

“You give us all strength.”

“You are amazing, thank you for saving me.”

“Thank you for never giving up and helping the youth of Toronto. Thank you for giving us hope to achieve our own dream.”

“Thank you for giving me a warm place to stay in. And for helping me meet some of the best people.”

“Eva, you’re a beast.”

“Thank you, Eva, for all your love and support. You are an awesome hero and we love you. God bless you.”

“Thank you Eva for your passion that created space for homeless youth. You are like a mother to the motherless, and an advocate for the marginalized.”

“Thank you for giving youth the opportunity to flourish in this community! We appreciate your strength and commitment to making your dreams come true.”

“You are my hero, you saved the people. Respect.”

“Thanks for saving me.”

“You are the best, thank you for giving me a warm place to live in.”

“Thank you for giving youth at risk of homelessness an opportunity to achieve the future they dream of.”

“Thank you for being the difference and shepherd to lead us youth from the struggle. You are a real queen.”

“Thank you, Eva, your legacy lives on.”