Young people at Eva’s work hard to build brighter futures for themselves. Despite the difficulties of homelessness, they’re getting up and pursuing healing, education, jobs, and life skills; making community connections; and moving closer to their dreams of home and a sense of belonging for good.

Victories along the way may be big or small, but they’re still achievements and today we celebrate them all!

We’re inspired by this art by a student at Eva’s Graphic Communications and Print Training Program. It’ll be featured in our upcoming Annual Impact and Accountability Report, to be released in April.

Graphic, colourful flower art.

The artist explains: “… The flower symbolizes a discovered hope. In trying times, we must persevere, embracing wellness in all forms. When we see flowers, we don’t often remember the dirt from which they stood, or the seeds that they emerged from. We experience their beauty. We have all experienced heartache, disappointment, or despair. It is important to celebrate ourselves in our current form, but like a flower we must reach out and absorb all the world has to offer to become our best. Without growth there is no change. Without change there is no beauty. This flower reminds me you can be born anew as long as you are willing to accept change and embrace it.”

Thanks for being a part of fresh starts and brighter futures at Eva’s!

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