We are pleased to announce that Eva’s Initiatives was selected for Charity Intelligence’s Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities, Top 10 Canadian Youth Impact Charities, and Top 5 Toronto Impact Charities of 2020 lists!

This honour comes at a time when Canadian donors are putting much greater scrutiny into where they are donating their hard-earned money. Charity Intelligence researches Canadian charities so donors can be informed and give intelligently.

Charity Intelligence uses their demonstrated Social Return on Investment (dSROI) framework that analyzes over 800 charities to determine which ones exhibit the highest value created per dollar spent.

Check out each list here

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Young people at Eva’s need allies just like you to help end youth homelessness. Monetary donations ensure that Eva’s can continue to provide essential services and supports for youth experiencing homelessness.  Join the movement for brighter youth futures.
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