Mural artist Jacqueline Comrie Garrido is all about using colour to transform a space. After living nearby, working with young people at Eva’s in another community program, and visiting Eva’s Place, she felt a need to fill our white walls with something more uplifting.

Two people painting a plain wall with white primer.
Outline for trees painted on mural wall.
Painting Materials

For Jacqueline, it was important for Eva’s Place residents to be part of the painting process; she finds art therapeutic and wanted them to feel ownership over the space. Some of the young people said that the design for the mural reminds them of Dr. Seuss, and that they like the new splash of colour in the common area.

“The youth have helped me so much. I mean it’s their space, their mural. It’s incredible, they’re doing an amazing job and they are just really into it which I love.”

A resident of Eva's beginning to paint a tree.
Bryn, painting a section of a tree

Jacqueline is open about her experiences living with anxiety. Trees have helped calm her and provided inspiration for the mural design. She hopes that the combination of nature and colour will have a calming, uplifting effect.

The mural took about four days to paint and Bryn, Recreation Coordinator at Eva’s Place, worked with Jacqueline to plan the painting. She painted right alongside the artist and young people.

“I just want to continue transforming spaces so that make people feel better,” says Jacqueline.

We’re so grateful to Jacqueline for helping make Eva’s Place a more welcoming and positive place.
Painting materials.
Completes mural, colourful trees
South side well, mural