For every dollar donated through CanadaHelps, we have one chance to win $10,000 to support youth at Eva’s who are building brighter futures. $100 equals 100 chances!

Youth experiencing homelessness in Toronto deserve better, and you can give it to them. With $10,000 you could outfit a whole class of young people in our Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program with the equipment they need to prepare them with the necessary skills to acquire gainful employment.

We already have over 2000 chances to win! We only need 20 more people to donate $100 in order to double our odds, and every dollar has the potential to make a difference.

You only have until Saturday at 11:59 pm. Don’t delay!

Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of homeless youth.

10 Reasons Why Youth at Eva’s Deserve to Win 10K
  1. Eva’s helps young people find safety and to get their basic needs met.
  2. We help them reconnect.
  3. We help young people heal.
  4. Young people at Eva’s are learning.
  5. They’re creating.
  6. They’re working hard.
  7. They’re recovering.
  8. They’re saving money.
  9. Eva’s approach works
  10. Building brighter futures.

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