This year marks 25 years since Eva’s Place opened because of the hard work and dedication of our Founding Mother, Eva Maud Smith. While she passed in 1993 before Eva’s Place opened, her spirit lives on today in the work that we do.

Eva was a community leader in the North York area who achieved great things. Folks uphold her legacy by supporting the young people that come to us every day for support.

“These kids matter to me and they should matter to everyone else too. Because THEY MATTER!” – Jesse L

Jesse has been a donor since 2017. We got the chance to get to know him a little better after he made a gift towards young people at Eva’s this past Giving Tuesday.

“I understand exactly how it feels to have your closest friends or even family members mistreat, ignore or turn their backs when you need them most,” explains Jesse. Jessie identifies as a survivor of mental illness and a Transgender man. He shared that he had a troubled childhood and understands how his experiences could have led him to homelessness.

While Jesse’s annual giving plan includes multiple gifts to multiple organizations, he chooses Eva’s because he knows someone who experienced homelessness and believes in the work we do. We’re so grateful to have his ongoing support. Every gift matters whether its large multi-year gifts from a government corporation or foundation or smaller donations from individuals and families. Generosity comes in all shapes in sizes and makes a huge difference for young people!

“I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I just happen to care about people. These kids matter to me and they should matter to everyone else too. Because THEY MATTER! ”

Jesse counts his blessings joyfully and sees young people as a reason to give back.

Special thanks to Jesse and everyone who has supported youth at Eva’s for 25 amazing years of building brighter futures.

Feeling inspired by Jesse’s story?

Your $10 gift can make a difference.