Eva’s helps youth experiencing homelessness get job skills they need to build bright futures. 

Did you know we have a Construction and Building Maintenance Training program to do just that? Students in this 8-week course showed off their newfound carpentry skills by designing and making beautiful wooden birdhouses just for you!

We believe an experience of homelessness doesn’t have to bury youth skills and passions forever. Your support enables young people to discover their talents and shine!

Enter to win one of the birdhouses pictured below by making a donation of any amount in the month of April.
Sally's Birdhouse

Sally had a vision for a modern birdhouse. The slanted roof collects and reuses water runoff and the little ‘planters’ allow you to put out bird nest materials!

Sally thought construction and building maintenance training would be easy but she found herself challenged by it. She loves the strategy and the mathematical skills she’s learning. She particularly enjoys learning electrical work.

What’s next for Sally?

Sally plans to further her learning in physics and do an electrical apprenticeship.

Charlie's Birdhouse

Charlie started with a very different birdhouse vision. Along the way, he learned valuable lessons about problem-solving to get to his final product.

In the training program, Charlie discovered how much he enjoys framing—that is, fitting pieces together for structural support and shape in the building process.

What’s next for Charlie?

Charlie is excited to start an apprenticeship mentorship he’ll get hooked up in after the training is done.

Stay tuned … we’ll be contacting winners in the first week of May!

Young people building birdhouses at Eva’s….
A notebook with birdhouse design schematics.
A young woman working on her birdhouse.
A young man using a power saw.
Lining up the roof of the modern birdhouse.
A young man looking at his birdhouse - it's almost done!
Construction Program instructor consulting with a student.