CanadaHelps is hosting their Great Canadian Giving Challenge this June, and we’re asking you to take up the challenge! For every dollar you donate to Eva’s through CanadaHelps during the month of June, we will be entered into a draw for a chance to win $10,000.

So why young people Eva’s?

1) Eva’s helps young people find safety and to get their basic needs met.

Young people become homeless through no fault of their own, usually because of big issues out of their control like poverty and low support at a young age. Eva’s is there when they need us most.

2) We help them reconnect.

Family conflict is a key reason why youth homelessness happens. But we help young people and their families work through difficult situations. With support, we help many young people avoid homelessness altogether.

3) We help young people heal.

Youth often have gone through some traumatic experiences. Homelessness is just the tip of the iceberg. It takes time to work through the those experiences and feel better, body, mind, and spirit. That’s why Eva’s offers counselling and healing programming.

4) Young people at Eva’s are learning.

Homelessness often pushes students out of school. Last year, Eva’s supported 170 youth to complete high school and/or go to college/university through our Education Program. That’s amazing because education often acts as a pathway out of housing instability.

5) They’re creating.

The creations coming out of young people at Eva’s are awesome: art, music, poetry, storytelling. Young people at Eva’s are working on a magazine right now and showcasing art at Eva’s Home for Life on June 21!

6) They’re working hard.

Last year, 113 young people at Eva’s received training in the fields of graphic design, print production, and construction and building maintenance. With these skills and connections, they’re out there finding jobs that can sustain them.

7) They’re recovering. 

Homelessness is traumatic and creates all kinds of mental health and addiction concerns. Young people at Eva’s are courageously tackling these challenges and overcoming incredible hurdles.

8) They’re saving money.

Did you know that young people at Eva’s Phoenix transitional housing facility save 30% of their income every month? That money enables them to secure housing when they’re ready to leave. Saving is just one of the critical life skills youth learn at Eva’s.

9) Eva’s approach works

Just recently, a young woman secured housing in the community and was excited to move out on her own. We are so proud! Every day, we celebrate small and big wins young people achieve on their journeys.

10) Building brighter futures.

All this combined and you have a lot of really amazing, resilient young people who are building better futures for themselves at Eva’s, all they need is your support. They are our inspiration and they can be yours too. Please, take up the challenge and be part of something amazing happening in your community.

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