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How to submit a post to Eva’s Blog

Thank you for considering submitting a blog post to Eva’s. We appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing your words with our friends and supporters.

What we’re looking for

Eva’s will consider all posts that relate to our work to help homeless and at-risk youth take the first steps to a brighter future.

This can include posts around:

  • Myths and facts about youth homelessness
  • How to talk to teens about youth homelessness
  • The importance of education and prevention measures
  • What you can do to help a homeless youth
  • Why you support Eva’s and the programs
  • The impact of youth homelessness on the economy or society in general

The posts do not have to focus on Toronto specifically but can encompass an overall Canadian view of the issue of youth homelessness.

We will allow external links if they are relevant to the topic you are writing about. We ask that you include proper attribution. Linking to your blog or website is okay only if relevant to the topic.

Tips on Writing a Blog Post
  1. Make the post useful to the readers – offer tips, advice or insight into a complicated area of work
  2. Share a story from your life – either a personal experience or an experience that impacted you. If you are sharing the story of a youth, please do not use personal details or real names without first getting permission from the youth.
  3. Offer a fresh angle – a point of view you don’t often read online or hear in conversation
  4. Keep it informal – Write like you talk. Pretend you are talking to your sister/mother/friend.
  5. Keep it simple – use short paragraphs or bullet points to make the post easier to read
  6. Think about your headline – this can be the difference between a blog post being read, or ignored.
  7. Give readers something to do – It could be to read something else, comment, apply a lesson, share the post etc.
  8. Offer practical information that will help readers understand a complicated issue or address similar challenges. This doesn’t need to be a bullet point list of tips, just information or advice that readers can apply to their own understanding.
  9. Make your post different than others already on the site. Many posts cover similar ideas, and that’s okay! Share your own story and experiences to help differentiate your post from others.
Submission Details
  • Blog posts must be kept to a maximum of 750 words (250-500 words is the ideal length)
  • Blog posts must include images, video, infographic or illustration. You are encouraged to submit your own image for use but if an image is not submitted, Eva’s will use a stock image or illustration
  • Blog posts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format to [email protected] for final approval and posting
  • Please submit a 1-2 line bio about yourself that provides context as to who you are.
Review Process

Eva’s reserves the right to review and edit for grammar. We will not rewrite your post but may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes and other suggestions. If a post needs improvement, we will return it to you with suggestions for your review.

Publishing of a blog post will be done at the discretion of Eva’s. After a post is approved, it may take a few weeks for it to appear live on the site. Eva’s reserves the right to decline publishing any post if it is not relevant to our work or contains materials that are contradictory to the beliefs of the organization.

No payment will be involved for guest blog content.