Volunteer Spotlight: Chetan

It's National Volunteer Week in Canada! All across Canada, volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet and creating thriving and resilient communities. From April 7 to the 13, Eva's will be celebrating how our very own team of volunteers lift up young people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and expertise. Chetan Financial literacy initiatives aimed at youth are often generic and not designed to address the needs of young people experiencing financial hardship. [...]

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What About Trans Youth Experiencing Homelessness?

For LGBTQ2S youth, family conflict due to coming out or being outed is the most frequently cited reason for becoming homeless. 20 to 40% of youth who are homeless identify as LGBTQ2S+, despite making up 5% to 10% of the general youth population. This means that sexual and gender diverse youth are more at risk of experiencing homelessness. Once homeless, they are also more likely to experience homelessness for longer periods of time and be concerned for their safety [...]

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Fresh Start for the First Day of Spring

Young people at Eva’s work hard to build brighter futures for themselves. Despite the difficulties of homelessness, they’re getting up and pursuing healing, education, jobs, and life skills; making community connections; and moving closer to their dreams of home and a sense of belonging for good. For the first day of spring, we wanted to share some recent success stories with you! Tyler graduated and is continuing his education. Tyler moved between foster homes, group homes and [...]

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Eva’s Youth Talk Back Against Violence

“If you listen closely you can hear the trumpets playing my victory song “I made it” I am here now. So gifted and loved, the world cannot handle me. Refuse to fear and stumble. I choose to believe dear Lord held my unbelief.” Excerpt from A Line Each By the Back Talk Collective Young people at Eva’s Satellite recently wrapped up Back Talk: Voices Against Violence, a spoken word poetry program for street-involved young women and femme folks. Back [...]

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Innovations to end Youth Homelessness on World Day of Social Justice

It’s been 25 years since Eva’s Place opened in North York, thanks to the advocacy of our founder, Eva Maud Smith. At the time, Eva was being told that there we no homeless youth in North York– but she knew better. Shedding light on the ‘hidden homeless’ – young people in precarious situations who are not visibly street-involved – Eva saw how especially Black young people were facing barriers in education due to housing instability. Eva Smith’s advocacy was [...]

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Black History Month Movie Nights @ Eva’s Place

Last year as part of our Black History Month celebrations, we hosted a series of movie nights at Eva’s Place. These successful events brought many young people together to watch and discuss the best of contemporary Black cinema. This year, we expanded on the concept, with each film including a pre- and post-discussion that framed the viewing experience in terms of a specific issue or concept related to Black experiences. As young people at Eva’s Place do this, we [...]

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Notes to Eva Smith

As we celebrate Black History Month at Eva's, we honor our founder Eva Maud Smith. Last month, we celebrated the anniversary of Eva's birthday. Young people at Eva's Phoenix wrote some heartfelt notes to Eva as they enjoyed some cake! "Eva is the real OG!" "You give us all strength." "You are amazing, thank you for saving me." "Thank you for never giving up and helping the youth of Toronto. Thank you for giving us hope to achieve our own dream." [...]

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Happy Birthday Eva Smith

2019 is an exciting year for Eva’s as it marks 30 years since the creation of our organization, first called North York Emergency Home for Youth and 25 years since the establishment of our first shelter, Eva's Place, the first youth-focused shelter in North York. It’s all thanks to Eva Maud Smith, whose advocacy and leadership shone a light on hidden youth homelessness. Today is the Anniversary of Eva Smith’s Birthday, and we’re starting our anniversary celebrations by honouring [...]

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Donor Profile: Jesse

This year marks 25 years since Eva’s Place opened because of the hard work and dedication of our Founding Mother, Eva Maud Smith. While she passed in 1993 before Eva’s Place opened, her spirit lives on today in the work that we do. Eva was a community leader in the North York area who achieved great things. Folks uphold her legacy by supporting the young people that come to us every day for support. "These kids matter to me [...]

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Winter Youth Zine

Every three months, youth at Eva's Place with the support of Bryn, Recreation Coordinator, work on a Zine. A Zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images. In this case, every spread is an original piece by a young person staying at Eva's. It's printed at Eva's social enterprise Print Shop and distributed amongst the sites. You can get an exclusive look at the Winter Zine below! You can click an image to enlarge it! [...]

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