Message on the Shutdown of the Child Advocate’s Office

Message from Jocelyn Helland, Executive Director of Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth The Ontario Government’s November 15th repeal of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act and shutdown of the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office came as a shock. I am deeply concerned that young Ontarians who are already vulnerable will face further risks of abuse, neglect, and discrimination. This move means more young Ontarians will have to go to youth-serving homeless shelters for reprieve. When their foster, group [...]

Message on the Shutdown of the Child Advocate’s Office2018-11-26T14:20:02-05:00

Boxing at Eva’s Satellite

Today is RBC Sports Day and we want to highlight a unique recreational program for young people at Eva’s: boxing. It’s offered at Eva’s Satellite by Volunteer Instructor Earl “Nicky” Campbell. Boxing is an art form that offers young people a chance to be physically active and turn difficult or negative energies into positive energy. It is offered in the morning at Eva’s Satellite so young people can begin their day with an incredible cardio and strength-based workout. Dion, [...]

Boxing at Eva’s Satellite2018-11-21T14:20:20-05:00