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How The Home Depot Canada Foundation is Helping Put an End to Youth Homeless with “Paper Doors”

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to ending youth homelessness, pledging to invest $20 million over five years through The Orange Door Project. This initiative will give homeless youth the housing, support and hope they need to live safe, healthy and productive lives. One component of The Orange Door Project is The Home Depot's national fundraising campaign. From now until June 24, The Home Depot customers can buy a $2 paper door in support of a local youth-focused [...]

How The Home Depot Canada Foundation is Helping Put an End to Youth Homeless with “Paper Doors”2018-05-24T16:25:38-04:00

Having a Garage Sale this Spring?

Give youth at Eva’s a fresh start as a community. It’s time for spring cleaning! As you’re organizing, tidying up and deciding on what it’s time to part with we’re thinking about youth at Eva’s who need your help to get a fresh start – and we have a simple and easy idea for you! Donate the proceeds of your garage sale to Eva’s! It will make your spring cleaning uniquely meaningful and bring your community together in the [...]

Having a Garage Sale this Spring?2018-05-18T17:29:53-04:00

From Emergency to Emergence: Coming Elections

In 2018 and 2019, we will participate in elections for Toronto (municipal), Ontario (provincial), and Canada (federal). We can hold elected officials accountable on how they’re moving beyond emergency, short-term responses to youth homelessness and changing the conditions that make young people vulnerable to homelessness. What about the candidates you’re considering? What will they do in these key areas? Mental Health Homelessness seriously harms a young person’s mental health, and substance use is often a coping mechanism in [...]

From Emergency to Emergence: Coming Elections2018-05-16T14:50:07-04:00

Strengthening Families Prevents Youth Homelessness

For International Day of Families, we want to recognize all the opportunities we have to strengthen families who are struggling, because stronger families leads to less youth homelessness. Parenting is hard, even under what might be considered ideal circumstances such as stable housing, employment, and a good income. Many parents/guardians are trying to be good caregivers while facing difficult situations such as poverty, mental health concerns, addiction challenges, discrimination, and/or domestic violence. Abuse is not always the reason. Abuse [...]

Strengthening Families Prevents Youth Homelessness2019-02-07T08:33:27-04:00

Cut Youth Homelessness in Half: Children and Youth in Care Day

Today is Children and Youth in Care Day in Ontario, which came out of a recommendation from the My REAL Lifebook report. The report addresses what young people in the child protection system go through. It shows how young people in care face a lot of vulnerability, isolation, and unpredictability in their lives. The Without a Home report shows how child welfare systems have been involved in the lives of almost half of homeless youth in Canada. Improving these [...]

Cut Youth Homelessness in Half: Children and Youth in Care Day2018-05-11T18:02:13-04:00