Tattoos, Music, and Playoff Parties

We are so fortunate to have a creative and compassionate community supporting the youth of Eva’s. We’ve seen some unique and exciting ways of giving back this year and wanted to share them with you! Flash Tattoo Sale In January Ink and Water Tattoo did a flash sale on tattoos where half of the proceeds supported youth at Eva’s. The tattoos for a flash sale are designed by a particular artist and tattooed as they are in the drawing. [...]

Tattoos, Music, and Playoff Parties2020-02-21T15:53:52-05:00

Fresh Start for the First Day of Spring

Young people at Eva’s work hard to build brighter futures for themselves. Despite the difficulties of homelessness, they’re getting up and pursuing healing, education, jobs, and life skills; making community connections; and moving closer to their dreams of home and a sense of belonging for good. Victories along the way may be big or small, but they’re still achievements and today we celebrate them all! We’re inspired by this art by a student at Eva’s Graphic Communications and Print [...]

Fresh Start for the First Day of Spring2018-03-26T17:47:54-04:00

Recreation: Part of Holistic Support for Homeless Youth

What helps youth experiencing homelessness heal and thrive? Holistic, individualized, and relationship-based supports. This is why creative and recreational programming is so important for youth at Eva’s. Bryn develops and facilitates this programming at Eva’s Place and has seen its impacts firsthand. “My favourite time every week is our Thursday afternoon art group,” she says. “We have a mix of mediums and sometimes more structured projects, but there is always colouring pages and paper to draw on for people [...]

Recreation: Part of Holistic Support for Homeless Youth2020-02-21T15:43:55-05:00

Impossible Choices: Young Women, Violence, and Homelessness

Women are twice as likely to be victims of family violence. Women living on the streets are at a higher risk of criminal victimization and violence. So which would you choose? Violence with a home or violence without one? This is the dilemma faced by many women living in unsafe situations across Canada. While homeless youth experience violent crime (59%) at a higher rate than the general population (7%), women-identified and transgender/gender nonbinary youth are four times more likely [...]

Impossible Choices: Young Women, Violence, and Homelessness2018-03-26T17:36:49-04:00