Punks Get Generous

Every day we get new heartwarming surprises. In November, Eva’s generous supporters blew Giving Tuesday out of the water. We exceeded our fundraising goal for youth experiencing homelessness, and the winner of the private chef experience giveaway donated the prize back so we could keep raising critical funds to keep young people safe and warm. People are buying Eva’s Gift Catalogue presents to help young people and we’re doing even better than last year! And recently, hair stylist Em [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Shaun, Social Media Specialist

It’s International Volunteer Day and we need to extend a heartfelt thank you all our volunteers. We also want to extend a warm welcome to the new folks who have come on board with us too. Eva’s recently launched a revitalized volunteer program to better hook up community talents and passion with our goal to end youth homelessness. Volunteers have been so instrumental to us, helping with everything from meal preparation and facility maintenance to fundraising support, but we [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Shaun, Social Media Specialist2018-12-04T13:19:07-05:00

A Look at Harm Reduction on World Aids Day

Eva’s supports young people with a youth-centred harm reduction approach. Harm reduction is an effective health-oriented response. Choice, non-judgement, and non-coercion are its essential features in addition to pragmatism, humane values, and a focus on the harms. (CHRN, 2018) Many assume that harm reduction programs and strategies such as Needle Exchange Programs and Safe Injection sites encourage drug use. It’s important to see substances in a broader context to understand why this is such a damaging misconception. The reality [...]

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Message on the Shutdown of the Child Advocate’s Office

Message from Jocelyn Helland, Executive Director of Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth The Ontario Government’s November 15th repeal of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act and shutdown of the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office came as a shock. I am deeply concerned that young Ontarians who are already vulnerable will face further risks of abuse, neglect, and discrimination. This move means more young Ontarians will have to go to youth-serving homeless shelters for reprieve. When their foster, group [...]

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Boxing at Eva’s Satellite

Today is RBC Sports Day and we want to highlight a unique recreational program for young people at Eva’s: boxing. It’s offered at Eva’s Satellite by Volunteer Instructor Earl “Nicky” Campbell. Boxing is an art form that offers young people a chance to be physically active and turn difficult or negative energies into positive energy. It is offered in the morning at Eva’s Satellite so young people can begin their day with an incredible cardio and strength-based workout. Dion, [...]

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Positive Messages for LGBTTIQQ2SA+ Youth

Coming out isn’t always easy or safe. For many of us, coming out is something we have to do again and again over our lifetime. In honour of National Coming Out Day on October 11, we asked staff and friends of Eva's to share their positive messages for young people so we could celebrate who they are and show them that there is support and love for them in the world (and at Eva’s). "Believe in yourself, stay strong and be proud of [...]

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Oseakina’s Journey From Living at Eva’s to Working at Eva’s

Back when she was living through homelessness, Oseakina was studying to be a social worker. Now she works at Eva’s Satellite to help young people experiencing homelessness themselves. “I would say I connect with the youth differently than workers who do not have the lived experience,” Oseakina explains. “It’s natural for me not to judge anybody. I always tell the youth it’s only temporary, this is not it forever, you’re still young, you’ve got a lot more years to [...]

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Elevated Through Colour – Painting Eva’s Place

Mural artist Jacqueline Comrie Garrido is all about using colour to transform a space. After living nearby, working with young people at Eva’s in another community program, and visiting Eva’s Place, she felt a need to fill our white walls with something more uplifting. For Jacqueline, it was important for Eva’s Place residents to be part of the painting process; she finds art therapeutic and wanted them to feel ownership over the space. Some of [...]

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Eva’s Loves Young People

At Eva’s, we aim to put young people at the centre of all we do. There are many ways this value comes into play in our day to day work. One of them is creating meaningful opportunities to collaborate with young people in our communities. We are always so inspired by young people who get active on social justice issues and passionate about building brighter futures for young people experiencing homelessness in Toronto.  That’s why we partnered with Swetha, Maurie, [...]

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73 Young People, The Impact of Eva’s Home For Life 2018

Everyone gets worried about homelessness in winter. Fewer people think about the life-threating risks of heat. Heat-related distress such as heat stroke is a big problem for young people who don't have a respite from the elements. This is the impact of Eva's Home For Life 2018 Eva's Home For Life raised over $267,000. This means that 73 young people will have a place to stay each night at Eva's two emergency shelters. Remarkable! In addition to protection from the [...]

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Five Surprising Things Sandra Learned in Eva’s Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program

Employment is critical to long-term self-sufficiency. Eva’s helps youth experiencing homelessness get the job skills they need to build bright futures. Eva’s Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program does just that. Sandra is a former resident of Eva’s Phoenix and a graduate of the Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program. She first experienced homelessness as a teen because of her mother’s mental illness and breakdown. Sandra has successfully overcome her own physical and mental health challenges, is living independently [...]

Five Surprising Things Sandra Learned in Eva’s Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program2018-07-10T09:09:04-04:00

Will You Donate $100 to Double our Chances to Win 10K?

For every dollar donated through CanadaHelps, we have one chance to win $10,000 to support youth at Eva’s who are building brighter futures. $100 equals 100 chances! Youth experiencing homelessness in Toronto deserve better, and you can give it to them. With $10,000 you could outfit a whole class of young people in our Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program with the equipment they need to prepare them with the necessary skills to acquire gainful employment. We already have [...]

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