Youth Homelessness is a Symptom of Poverty

There was a time that people in Canada didn’t know about Poliovirus. All they saw were individuals, many of whom were children under five, struck with a recognizable collection of signs like muscle weakness, pain, and fever. In some cases, the sick children got better. In other cases, they died. And in rarer cases, they came out of the experience with a long-term disability. It wasn’t until after a scientific understanding of viral infections was developed that people knew [...]

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Food Fuels Better Youth Futures

Food security is becoming a bigger issue for Canadians every day, and youth experiencing homelessness are no exception. 88%of homeless youth have reported making use of charitable food programs to get access to nutritious meals. Not having access to nutritious meals, especially in early life, can lead to long-term negative health outcomes. And yet, somehow, $31 billionworth of food still winds up in landfills or composters each year in Canada. Today is World Food Day and a perfect opportunity [...]

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Victor’s Story On World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, an important day for us to remember the close relationship between youth homelessness and mental health. When young people and their families do not get the services they need to manage their mental health challenges, their risk of becoming homeless increases. This is why accessible mental health services are so important to homelessness prevention. Homelessness is a traumatic experience and can easily lead to mental health issues. Without a Home identified that 85% [...]

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